Today’s “POLARIZED CONGRESS” is so bogus…

You don’t have to look hard to see evidence of political polarization — just watch cable news, listen to talk radio or follow social-media debates. Indeed, a new Pew Research Center report finds that Americans are more ideologically polarized today than they’ve been in at least two decades. Their representatives in Congress are divided too, and have been pulling apart since the days of M*A*S*H and Billy Beer.

Today’s “POLARIZED CONGRESS” is possibly America’s Greatest Threat to Our National Security?

Two Items are now prompting many to now say these are Real Threats to National Security-

  1. Refusing to ACCEPT the 2020 Presidential Election as being Legitimate and still claiming Donald Trump is the actual 46th PRESIDENT.
  2. Congress being POLARIZED is where America’s is hanging Democracy Out To Dry and Now, Democracy is holding together by only a thread.

Anti-Biden Signs are Up EVERYWHERE!

With a continuing rash of No Republican VOTING YEA on any piece of Legislation presented for a Vote shows the extreme Level of Polarization that now exists. Well, fewer Subcommittee Meetings (when people fell to even show up?) are also pointing to a Crippling State that our Congress is presently in. Suddenly. Some are now saying we now have a Lame Duck Congress!

It is a NATIONAL EMERGENCY? Some are saying so. The Media is No Place to clean your Drawers out. But they are sure doing that. Some are reaching at straws in a RUSH TO MEDIAIZE every thing a Congressman can do to Attack President Biden. Racing to the Media like Internet Trolls!

The Economy is picking up and It is the biggest Positive Sign that needs to take place to help America get back closer to How We Used to Be.

But failing to achieve Herd Immunity because the Anti-Vaccinators and those using Not Gonna Get A Shot as their personal Political Statement Makers goes beyond reason or Logic.

Folks. India had a million New Covid Infections in Three Days. Only Three Days! India is in a CRISIS! And America can just go stagnating it’s own pond because we have Lost Truthful Leaders we respect telling us the “FDR TYPE” Truths that we need and deserve to hear.

Fool us once, fool us twice. But quit try fooling us NON-STOP! Enough is Enough.

But I have to ask-Can Congress ever begin to really work together again? Will Our, AMERICA’S, Future of Legislation become only PARTY IN CHARGE legislative Acts? What is that gonna do for us but ruin us?

Our Roads and Bridges need FIXIN! But can Americans expect fixing to ever come when Congress is so Broken? Broken? Isn’t “BROKEN” the best word to Call it? I’m nOt talking pointing fingers to anything from the Past. I’m talking the present Congressional DIVIDE in Today’s Congress. Doesn’t matter how it got there. It’s so fixed now that Our Cherished Land of Democratic Principles is at Stake. DEMOCRACY IS AT STAKE!

When kids are bickering, the Adults put an END to it. But now, the Adults in Congress are the ones who can’t even stand the sight of each other. And they have reached a new Level of being Crying Babies in the Media. And they are so VAIN that they only care about their LIKES, LOVES, AND RETWEET numbers.

With such a POLARIZED CONGRESS and Divided Nation, how do you see it getting fixed? DON’T cry for a New GOP President. The Problem has now gone far past who is President. Now. Congress is completely a Lame Duck. And these Ducks can only eat and shit together and nothing more. But both Parties have now combined to be the New Lame Duck Congress.

Folks. Another discouraging item is how RESCUE Money sent and designated by Congress and given to the States is NOT Being used as Designated! It’s Being Used by the State’s as they Decide to USE them and FORGET the true intent or destination attached to those Monies. It’s like we WOKE up and there are all of these individual Dictators and their henchmen ruling each State Individually separate from a United Country. Like a Silent Civil War already done took place. And baby, this beloved Country is so damn Divided that Our Division keeps blinders on all of us from being able to see what is really going on. And I’m telling us now. All of us are being Screwed. Yes we are. Money Managers are screwing us to the Wall. Our own money is being used against us. Not for us as Congress said How it was supposed to be used. And this main stream Screw Job was taking place before Trump left Office. It had already started. No, he’s not to blame. I’m talking the Big Sellout at the State Level. This secret Sellout was taking place because we have given greedy little kids a ton of money and they aren’t gonna do with that money what we thought they were going to do. It’s a crying shame. Billions being redirected into State Budgets. And used as the Big Dogs in each State decide how to USE their monies.

Like fresh Candy at the Candy Store.

I’m betting in time to come, Lawsuits are going to be popping-up trying to figure out What went wrong and Who Took the Money. Yes, who took all of Our Money? And why wasn’t it going to where it was supposed to go?

People are saying and people are talking, but it’s time to see the real. Can we get these blinders off? We are past the Party Time. It’s time to see where Our Money is really going!!! And this is no laughable SITUATION.

You really need to wakeup and read every Article Site I also include in my Blog so you will see the entire picture instead of getting pissy about only what you see not fully understanding diddly-squat.

Seek the Truth. Read all of it. I haven’t said a thing about anti-political party stuff. There is a real problem going on right now. Bigger than any of us or any one political Party and has Our Division allowed this to happen? Congress needs to be scolded. Lots of Folks are allowing themselves to never get better and are Frozen in 2020 thinking.

There have been questions about whether this money could be better spent on other matters, whether it’s wasteful — and whether it means handing many Republican governors large amounts of money that they will then use to fund big tax cuts skewed toward the rich.

TOWARD THE RICH? I didn’t write that just above. I think it’s any Governor. It’s in the Above Article. But did you read all of it? You need to. But I bet you were too lazy to seek truth. It’s easy to half read and come away and come away with only your view about your own clever thinking. There’s a lot of Clever Thinkers out there now that assume they are so much smarter than all of us.

Clever Thinking is what Congress is all about now. Clever Thinking is why Congress is in a Wreck now.

A judge later dismissed the challenge, and the governor has largely controlled allocations. Governor controlling the Money as if the Governor is the one who knows WHAT? How to spend Our Monies? Really? And that started in August 2020! But Money slanting is growing, but who cares?