Interesting Read on Wind Turbines in Texas-Oil isn’t Everywhere here

After six years in the Oil Field here in Texas. I saw a lot of broken hearts when I told someone that they didn’t have a Well and it’s going to get Plugged. Black Oil Rich Dreams quickly eroded.

But there might be a Replacement- Wind Turbine Riches!

Too many worry about Texas’s Oil Industry when the Time to worry is not even Close. Most of Texas isn’t even involved with it. But there are lots of other Industries that have been hurt. Completely SHUTDOWN!

I hated seeing Sears and Toys R Us have issues. And Bealls Stores.

Shopping Online has changed everything and changed how We Shop. Instead of going to one location, we have lots of stuff delivered to our homes causing more and more Traffic on the Highway. Lots more Trucks on the Highways.

But Wind Turbine Power and Solar Panel Farms are going to Power Texas into the Future. But not all of it. New technologies are being developed and no one is going to stop the Future from happening.

It makes me Chuckle when people are trying to Act like they were part of the Old West. Hey. Get outta the way. The Old West is Dead and Gone. Even Big Ranches are tethering on the chase for more Revenue. More and more have dropped Horses for 4-wheelers and Jeeps.

Yet. There are a few, but very few. You wanna experience a Great Time, try a Dude Ranch. Explore them and go out and spend the night under the Stars and with the wiz-wiz-bang of a lot of Mosquito Bites.

But if you are committed and in good shape and wanna make money, there are a lot of hardworking Jobs that do pay well. Yes. There are! Lots of them and NO, they aren’t being taken by illegal Immigrants.

Truck Driving Jobs pay well. Go get you some good Money. I remember talking to a Hunt Brothers Driver in the early 1980s who told me how Good he had it. And I remember hearing nightmare stories of Union Drivers stopping on the side of the Road due to Union Rules.

But Money is there for the Capable. And more than most would ever know. That’s why I constantly wrote and write about Keeping Your Life Clean and Clear of Criminal Activities! Talk all the smack, but don’t do Crime in real life. The Criminal Activities will keep you out of the Money with those Felony Convictions.

But don’t let Clever Thinking deceive you and your own abilities to say or do things. Be Christian Conscious always. You will DIE one day and you need to stay ready for that day every day. Live like today is your last and make your day be a Positive one in someone’s life.

But get a Job and enjoy Life again. Keep the Pandemic at bay! Don’t be a Freddie Freeloader!