Will Electric Cars, Trucks, 18-Wheelers, and Planes SAVE the World from Climate Change?

The Race is on…and the World has got to get this one right. But who is Offering the BEST? The Most Miles?

The 2020 Tesla Model S is the electric car with the most range available today. At more than 400 miles, the Model S Long Range Plus offers about double the maximum distance you can cover in the Porsche Taycan or Audi e-tron.Mar 8, 2021

And is 600-1000 miles Possible?





The name of the Game is SURVIVAL. All of the Climate Research points to the same thing. We are Killing Our Own Planet. Making it Unsurvivable. And Do You Care? Do We Care? Should we care?

We’ve now gone way past all the false Information calling Climate Change a HOAX! We are in it. Living it. And President Biden has established a lofty Goal of what America plans to do and Other Countries have made Pledges as a well.

On Thursday, the C.I.A. announced it was adding a new category covering the environment to its World Factbook. The agency’s unclassified guide will now provide the latest country data on climate, air pollutants, infectious diseases, food security, waste and other environmental topics.

Ms. Haines began by saying that the intelligence services had long recognized the importance of climate change — and praised efforts by the C.I.A. over the last three decades to identify the geopolitical impact of climate-based changes in Russia, Asia, Africa and the Arctic.

“We have not always made it a key priority,” she added


“The signs are unmistakable, the science is undeniable and the cost of inaction keeps mounting,” Mr. Biden said.

The two-day summit comes at a time when scientists are warning that governments must take decisive action to prevent global temperatures from rising more than 1.5 degrees above preindustrial levels. The consequences of exceeding that threshold includes mass species extinctions, water shortages and extreme weather events that will be most devastating to the poorest countries least responsible for causing global warming.

Is this a terrible thing? NO! ITS AN EXCITING TIME! New Ideas. New JOBS. New Inventive Thinking will achieve amazing new technologies. It’s Coming! With Funding, comes Actions crested by the Greatest Minds. We must not be sidetracked to TERRA-FARM MARS! Our Goal must be to FIX OUR PLANET!


And fixing MERCURY in fish has got to take place. We got to find a Mercury Cure and a Solution is forthcoming. Yes, this is not a time to go-NOT CLIMATE CHANGE AGAIN!

Folks. This stuff is not going away until We Make It Go Away. And we can do it. But, it’ll take Open minds to fix it.

I drove an Electric Car and I was amazed at How much Power it had and how quick it came up to Speed and soon, I was going 90 MPH! And it was nice being so Quiet.

It’s going to be Okay to get away from stinky Gasoline and Diesel. I CAN’T wait to fly in an electric Plane. Or Hover Plane.

Just like the Days Oil Ruled the Day, one day, we’ll have forgotten how Polluted we allowed things to get with Oil no longer in DEMAND! Oil and things from it will still be needed, but not the millions of vehicles on the Highway spewing Pollution out the exhaust tailpipe.