World Problem Coming? FOOD DISTRIBUTION!

FOOD? Do you have any concerns about your next Meal? Or has it been days since you last ate? But rapidly approaching is the biggest Global Problem coming up in the very Future for the World.

FOOD DISTRIBUTION is coming unhinged…Oceans Apart…right now…it has already started. This is Your Warning!

As Nations renew their COLD WAR GAMES, the demand for Food Distribution is going to be at an all time High. DEMAND for Cargo Containers and Contractors and Distribution points are going to be entering some Untrusted Waters. Insecure Networks. Cyber-Attack! On Monetary Exchange! CONTRACTS are going to be TERMINATED and not Renewed.

Demands. Limited Supplies. Bickering donations around the World are not only going to be engaged in Saber-Rattling Contests. But their Messiness will Over flow into Food Distributions.

And with NO GUARANTEES that their Food will be moved or bought, Farmers will stop farming. Massive Farms will be ordered to halt production as well.

Yes, the COLD WAR will take a nasty spin on Society. And Government Leaders will say it is their Patriotic Duty.

Russia will be busy with its Land Grab War in Ukraine. And that Mess will take place before October 1st of this year. The Biggest Question is whether NATO will come to the Task. I bet so and I predict the END will be when Ukraine vacates the Land east as in the Map-

Also. China will send an Armada of ships with Troops to start it’s Occupation of Taiwan. And more will be sent into Hong Kong. Both Countries will undergo a Chinese Re- Education.

NATO will be some busy boys trying to figure out China’s and Russia’s Land Grabs. And their next moves.

But Death from Hunger will strike the deadliest blows to everyone. Lack of understanding or even trying to understand anything anymore will be blind and like saving Rotten Grapes which can only be used for Wine.

Whining babies and crying mothers will reverberate a Mourners Wailing across the Oceans.

Nothing will make sense. Yet, the Leaders will be spinning one Web of deceit to their Citizens after another and they, the little guy, won’t have a Clue.

First, they worried about the Covid Virus and the Pandemic. Then the War Drums started rattling which is why I’m warning you now.

You and I know something is Coming. Everyone can feel it in their bones. The dark Web is exploding with News that points to what I just said. People are so hung up worried about Racism and other Divisive Talk that they cannot stop to see what is circling overhead. They are Called Buzzards. And they feed on dead things lying on the ground.

Japan releasing the Radioactive Water into the Ocean is going to cause an huge backlash when the fish in the region become uneatable. And the other creatures do too.

Pack up a good supply of Dried Foods and Canned Foods. Water too. Supplies are going to be spotty. Beef and Chicken and Eggs will command a High Price and trading in Bullets is coming. Right now. More and more Stores are eliminating their Sale of Bullets on their Premises. But you may not have noticed. Their Production has been ordered to begin Limited Runs of Manufacturing. And too many minds and eyes are focused on Racial Justice, but the American Leaders actually fear a real Civil War or pure Insurrection coming. And it’s hard to fight one with No Bullets.

But the Food Distribution is already under fire. Food coming up from Mexico is nothing right now. But when the Food stops coming over. You will possess knowledge of the Days of Starvation or extremely expensive Food Costs will begin. Ten Dollars for a can of Vegetables is not going to be unlikely. Twenty for a can of peaches.

Major Ports will come to a Stand Still. Oil exports will be under Military Escort. Flour. Yes. Flour will be selling for a Hundred Dollars a small bag. And it could reach as High as $1000 a small bag on the Black Market.

Rice will be another Pricey Item. A pound will sell for $10 Dollars. And could reach as high as One Hundred Dollars.

Money will be in short supply as Counterattacks and Attacks on Monetary Servers will make vast amounts of money Disappear. Simply Disappear!

And you have been Warned! You are now Warned!