Chauvin’s Dirty Harry Tactics? I was wondering and I bet you were too? Well, here it is…

Hernandez said he never heard anything from the Minneapolis police submitting a complaint about Chauvin, who he said “choked him out” during an encounter in a Minneapolis night club in 2015. A spokesman for the Minneapolis Police Department declined to comment.

I wonder if that night Club was where Floyd and Chauvin had both worked at? If so, would that possibly make it 1st Degree Murder?

Long before the Trial of Chauvin, I was wondering and I bet you were too about his Choking people on the Street out. Completely unconscious? Well, the above AP Story gave me the answer to that question. And doesn’t that make the Police who knew of these Complaints more Liable for George Floyd’s Death? Weren’t they? Aren’t they?

Had Ex-Officer Chauvin been “Fired” for these Complaints, George Floyd would still be Alive. Yes, in my Opinion. There’s enough Guilt to go around for those Above him on the Police Force to be Reviewed as well.

Do these COMPLAINTS go Unreviewed? Where was the “Due Process” of these Complainants? Or is this the SOP of How Cop Business is done in Minneapolis?

At the Texas Prisons. I promise you. If there is a COMPLAINT against a TDCJ Correctional Officer, it will be fully Investigated. And if Disciplinary Action is Warranted. It takes place.

But Lord, Chauvin was the subject of at least 17 complaints during his career, according to police records, but only one led to discipline. Prosecutors sought permission to introduce eight prior use-of-force incidents, but the judge would only allow two. In the end the jury heard none.

Looks like the Ex-Officer’ Chauvin’s Chain of Command didn’t Hear at least 16 of them either? Huh?

He was, she said, “the guy not everybody liked or wanted to work with.”

It’s sad all these Complaints fell on Deaf Ears and Blind Eyes. So. If no one took any punitive Action against you previously, an Officer might have fully thought that they were in the right when “choking” someone unconscious. Doing no wrong at all. But 9 minutes and 29 seconds was excessive and wrong in so many ways.

But I’ve never seen that until that now Infamous Video.