USING a MEGAPHONE in front of a Person’s Face is An Act of Aggression and the Act of a Bully!

Deliberately USING a MEGAPHONE in front of a Person’s Face, directly in their face, is Aggressive Behavior and the Act of a Bully! And your Act may be Criminal!


2020 had her Share.

2021 will too!

Don’t be a Fool!

Controlling One’s Anger is a Fulltime Job. For some People it is. Others, the sawed-off Idiots go on a Killing Spree as if that will magically cure a Person’s Issues. But does it?

HELL NO! It does not. Killing anyone is a bad investment in Culture and Human Existence. Do you wish to Kill? Are you that Angry? In your Heart? In your Mind? Get HELP is you do.

But every time I review and study Riot and Protest Pictures, I always see several Idiots standing a Foot away from a Police Officer or National Guardsmen SHOUTING through a MEGAPHONE screwing them Over for your own Satisfaction? But quite possibly damaging their Hearing permanently.

So, can we look at just one Of these Megaphones? Here’s one with a 1000 YARD RANGE!

1000 YARD RANGE!!!

USING a MEGAPHONE in front of a Person’s Face is an Act of Aggression and the Act of a Bully!

But does this Damage the Ears of others? When deciding whether or not you’re damaging your ears, consider two things: how loud and how long you listen.

You’re Yelling and the Megaphone is YELLING LOUDER!

Oh Yeah! We HEAR YOU! They HEAR YOU. And so does everyone in the Crowd. But what right do you got to Stand a Foot Away from the face of a Police Officer’s or National Guardsmen’s FACE while shouting thru your Megaphone? Where’s your FREE PASS to do this?

Loud noise can damage cells and membranes in the cochlea. Listening to loud noise for a long time can overwork hair cells in the ear, which can cause these cells to die. The hearing loss progresses as long as the exposure continues. Harmful effects might continue even after noise exposure has stopped.

Loud Noise Can Cause Hearing Loss Quickly or Over Time

Hearing loss can result from a single loud sound (like firecrackers) near your ear. Or, more often, hearing loss can result over time from damage caused by repeated exposures to loud sounds. The louder the sound, the shorter the amount of time it takes for hearing loss to occur. The longer the exposure, the greater the risk for hearing loss (especially when hearing protection is not used or there is not enough time for the ears to rest between exposures).

Here are some sources of loud noise that you may be exposed to. If you are repeatedly exposed to them over time, they can cause hearing loss.Everyday Activities

  • Music from smartphones and personal listening devices, particularly when the volume is set close to the maximum
  • Fitness classes
  • Children’s toys


  • Concerts, restaurants, and bars
  • Sporting events, such as football, hockey, and soccer games
  • Motorized sporting events, such as monster truck shows, stock car or road races, and snowmobiling
  • Movie theaters

Tools and More

  • Power tools
  • Gas-powered lawnmowers and leaf blowers
  • Sirens
  • Firearms
  • Firecrackers

Shouting or barking in the ear 110db

Hearing loss possible in less than 2 minutes

Standing beside or near sirens 120db

Pain and ear injury

Firecrackers 140–150db

Pain and ear injury

Now, I’m sharing this as a Reminder to be Kind. Be Appropriate, Be Smart. And be Considerate of those around you EVEN WHEN YOU ARE PROTESTING!. Shouting thru a MEGAPHONE into the face of another person just isn’t cool in my book. Maybe yours too?

Prevent Hearing Loss!

Two Protesters Were Charged For Allegedly Damaging Someone’s Hearing With Their Megaphones

New Port Richey protesters slapped with megaphone fines

At least five Pasco County protesters have received a total of 14 citations adding up to more than $4,700, the Tampa Bay Times found.