States across 🇺🇸 are engaging in VOTER RIGHTS REGRESSION! No, not Progression. Not Progress, but Direct Acts to LIMIT Voter’s Rights, especially Acts aimed at BLACKS.

Are we headed Backwards? At Times. I’m feeling and seeing things taking place that simply defy good logic. These are supposed to be Modern Days. Modern Times. But aren’t we reading about Legislative Acts that are Aimed at Limiting who can Go to the Polls?


American democracy is at a crossroads. Legislators in 43 states have introduced voter suppression bills that, if enacted, would amount to the most far-reaching setbacks for voter participation in well over a century, all based upon the Big Lie that the 2020 election was infected by fraud. But the House just showed us another way by passing HR 1. This voter protection bill offers expanded freedom to vote building on the historic turnout of the 2020 election. Its fate now rests with the Senate. 

But who cares? White People DON’T. That’s what a lot of folks are saying. Seems an ugliness has risen in 🇺🇸.

Maybe not with you. But others. And do you feel Safe more today than four years ago? Or do you feel insecure? More worried about things and someone entering your home illegally? Feeling Unsafe outside your home in town?

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

First Voting Rights changed. Then what comes next? What Right do you enjoy and are willing to give up? Or see it taken away by men and women claiming to be acting by what their Voters are demanding?

I’m guessing Strange Days and Nights lie ahead for America and Americans. But how strange depends on all of us.