Rodney King, O.J. Simpson, and GEORGE FLOYD TRIALS? Which was the GREATEST? THE BIGGEST? The George Floyd Murder Trial has the Greatest Repercussions. When the George Floyd Murder took place last year, Approximately $350 Million Dollars in Property Damage was done by Rioting Crowds.

Did you WATCH the Trial? We did not as we don’t have that TV Channel. But on CBS, we watched the Opening Arguments and we are again watching the Closing Arguments.

Regardless of what most might think. George Floyd died a MARTYR. I, for one, believe so. His Death will never be Forgotten and his Death actually awakened a Sleeping Giant to the horrible Acts being portraited against the BLACK PEOPLE here in AMERICA by Our Law Enforcement Community. Of course, no one can Justify any part of the manner of the 9 minutes and 29 seconds which amounted to the full time it took to remove the living life from the body of George Floyd. In Horror, all of 🇺🇸 has watched this despicable Act take place. Nothing less than SHICKING can be said.

For many, maybe even most of 🇺🇸, we cringe at such sights as this MURDER was quite unbelievable to View. And Mr. George Floyd’s words-I Can’t Breathe are haunting to all of 🇺🇸.

Where was Mercy for the prodigal Son? Nay, nay, there was none given. George Floyd was taken, made Captive, and Given No Quarter. This 9 minutes and 29 seconds are, some might argue, an accumulation of White Power throughout History all the way to the Native American Indians being rubbed-out by a man I sometimes think are remnants from the Roman Empire Days. Or the Nazi Storm Trooper Days of WWII. All wrapped up in the Actions during those 9 Minutes and 29 Seconds was a Life in limbo snatching the very Life of one man who had a dark skin Colour. A Black Man. And was this Dark Colour the defining thing that caused his Death? What specifically was going on in the mind of Ex-Officer Chauvin?

We will NEVER know because Chauvin took the 5th! Answers all of 🇺🇸 wants to hear, to know, but what? Will it be in a Chauvin How I Killed George Floyd Book Deal. I hope not. But sick Books do come out. And that would be one.

But where do you stand on the Death of George Floyd?

Put yourself in the Above Picture of George Floyd being Confronted at Gunpoint. Peaceful? Or scared Shitless? He looks scared as HELL to me. How about you?

A handgun is a weapon of Death. You don’t meet the Police on your Best Day, but how about on your Death Day. The Day you Die!

Again, the knee on the Neck is something akin to Gladiator Handling of One’s Enemy. Man-handling One’s Opponent. Where was the Critical Thinking? George Floyd expressed his Fears of being placed in a Dark Hole which waz the back of the Police Car. But for George Floyd, that dark area in the back of that Patrol Car was the greatest fear to his mind. And he waz clearly scared. And he was on Drugs which might have impaired his judgement as well. If the Knee on the Neck was an actual Trained Police Procedure, no one will Admit it for Liability’s Sake.

He is removed from the Car and he is on the Ground and he is pulled out of The Rescue Position and then he was put in a Prone Position with Officers began using Excessive Force. Like a Pack of Dogs freeing their prey or pulled a Hawg out of a Hole.

Do you see George Floyd was a Human or as a Hawg? A man or a Black Man? How all of 🇺🇸 sees the BLACK Community is On Trial. None of these Killings today could ever take place if there was not a Society being Complacent to the degrading Treatment of any Black Person. Any Black Person. Any Black Person in 🇺🇸!

For How many Generations has the BLACK Community waited for the Fair Treatment to begin? Yes, they have. Having to teach Generations How to Act so as to hopefully not fall Victim to the White Man’s continuing View that a Black Person is not on the same level. Not on Equal Footing. And these Killings still continue…

Unless completely KNOWN to all of 🇺🇸, a Black Person can fall Victim to individuals who are Broken. Broken is the best word I can think of and these BROKEN Law Enforcement Officers must be Identified and be Removed from having “One on One” encounters with any Black Person. Put them and keep them behind a DESK or KICK them off the Force.

Was Chauvin a Dirty Harry type Law Enforcement Officer? The one they call when it’s a real dirty situation? What? What got into Chauvin’s mind when he was atop of George Floyd? Was it possibly-I Hate Black People? I Hate this Black Man? I know him and I hate Him? Or did the entire Situation Overwhelm Chauvin? Sure. He might have been experiencing a Mental Breakdown of Unknown Proportions. Possibilities do exist being overwhelmed from present and PAST TRAUMATIC experiences exploding all at once in Chauvin’s mind. On Video, it did and still looks Horrible. But I never saw until Today where Chauvin pulled his GAS to spray the Audience approaching him. That was new to me. Was he that scared?

Many Questions that may never get any Answers. But for a White Supremacist, Chauvin might be their Hero. And they liked what happened to Mr. Floyd and might even be hoping they get their chance to Kill a Black Person.

My own best friends are all Black except for two and until you ASK, you’ll never UNDERSTAND the Duality that exists here in America and here in Texas. I was moved and Hurt as I learned of their examples of how Law Enforcement treated them and their kids. And one man had a Law Enforcement Officer follow him all the way to his house and then CONFRONTED him. I’ll never forget his fresh story taking place to a good. law Abiding American who has a darker Colour. What a Bull Crime! It has to STOP.

The Killing at Jasper, Texas where they dragged a Black man behind their Truck until the man’s head hit a tree and he was decapitated still freaks me out. A horrible example of Racism.

James Byrd Jr. (May 2, 1949 – June 7, 1998) was an African-American man who was murdered by three white supremacists in JasperTexas, on June 7, 1998. Shawn Berry, Lawrence Brewer, and John King dragged him for three miles behind a pickup truck along an asphalt road. Byrd, who remained conscious for much of his ordeal, was killed about halfway through the dragging when his body hit the edge of a culvert, severing his right arm and head. The murderers drove on for another ​1 12 miles (2.4 km) before dumping his torso in front of a black church.[1][2]

Folks, there are People capable of unbelievable Acts of Cruelty up on any of us. There are ones ready And capable of killing any one of us. And some wear Badges. But the number of Good Law Enforcement Officers greatly Outnumbers the Bad Ones. But it’s the Bad Ones that we remember. The Bad Ones make the Media. And

You have to show Respect to Get Respect! Use Proper Behavior anytime when you are in Contact with a Law Enforcement Officer.

I learned that working and finally Retiring as a Texas Prison Guard. It is so very True, yet I saw my share of the Chauvin Types New Boots who came in bringing their Hate with them for Blacks or Browns or even for Whites. Black Officers hating White Offenders. Open Hatred exists in the Texas Prison System. It does in all Prisons. And will Chauvin now be going to PRISON? A hardcore Prison or one that will have to give him added Protection?

No matter what the Verdict, will 🇺🇸 EXPLODE?

The amount of Money the Death of George Floyd has caused is a bunch. A lot. But Money caused is not on Trial. Why and Who Killed George Floyd is the Trial. Did American Society aid Officer Chauvin? White Society? Or was it a combination of Factors few are willing to look at? The Video is too hard to WATCH and not think Murder.

But the Bodycams and Our Cell Phones now are the CATCHERS OF HISTORY. There aren’t any Secret Beatings or Shootings now. And 🇺🇸 will WATCH every single one of them. Even the ones where Stupid Mistakes are made.

And now. 🇺🇸 knows the Ugly Truth that the BLACK Community has been suffering under. But make no mistake-

You have to show Respect to Get Respect! At a Traffic Stop is not the time to go into the Rapper Lifestyles where Police Confrontation is the Game. That Officer ain’t playing No Game. And that is where I remember how many times I had The Rapper come out in many Offenders instead of just Acting Correctly. No games are needed, but many choose to Play the Game no matter when or where they are.

But I’m not trying to Justify what took place against George Floyd. I’m talking in the Texas Prisons. I saw bad things take place that could have had different Outcomes had the Offender not acted simply stupid. But no, I never saw anyone get Beaten or Killed. We aren’t in that Business. We were not that way and we got very Upset when a Bad Correctional Officer did Bad Things where the Public thought all of us were that way.

Everyone is Watching the News more now than ever before and it has consequences.

Out on the Streets, it is Life or Death at Times. And with the Mass Shootings. Everyone is on Edge now. Many are worried about going out now. More than ever.

But, what we need to focus on now is Changing the Status Quo. Making things Better. Making things right. Getting everyone to learn to Relax again.

If you go to a Drug Dealer, will you treat that the same as going to Church? Will you? Are you living a Dual Lifestyle? One for some and another for others to see? One is upstanding and the other is Criminal? Many do. Many do live a Dual Life. One for the Job, one for the Family and another for Bad Behaviors.

Oh, he waz just letting off Steam. But then they call you from Jail? And $30,000 later, he is doing Community Service for that DWI or what?

But soon, maybe, we will be able to move past the Chauvin Trial. Hopefully with a or several Verdicts and not A NO TRIAL STATUS requiring a Re-Trial. A Hung Jury? I hope not. I hope it will properly End. And the Jury will decide Correctly.

Doesn’t matter what 🇺🇸 thinks. It boils down to what the Jury Thinks. Now. We shall soon see…

Did Pride and Ego play a part? But one man Died. Did he not?

Yes, George Floyd did…

In the late 1970s, I was introduced to Inmates on Thorazine and they did this weird Shuffling walk. But one time, an Inmate missed his Thorazine and it took NINE Guards to take him down when he exploded. Unbelievable strength.

And what about the other Law Enforcement Officers that were involved that day with George Floyd? Will their Trials be a Media Circus too?

And will the Judge declare a Mistrial after what the Congress Lady said? He still can…

Chauvin judge warns Waters comments may overturn trial

Chauvin’s defense attorney, Eric Nelson, said Monday that Waters’ comments could have prejudiced members of the jury.

But, no matter what the VERDICT may be, RIOTING will only make an UGLY STATEMENT and could cause a regression of the Ground already gained by the BLACK Lives Matter movement. Rioting is a Criminal Act. Hurting, Assaulting Police or National Guardsmen is UNACCEPTABLE! TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE!

USING a MEGAPHONE in front of a Person’s Face is Aggressive and the Act of a Bully!

As Today ends on the Verdict of Chauvin. Isn’t it time to extend a hand of friendship to those whom you never thought you were capable of talking to? It has to start right now.