Walter Brennan said this was one of the Best Western Movies he was ever in with Gary Cooper in 1940. 1940? That sure was a long time ago. But I try to write about things that I want to share with the future Generations. Our Good before it is tarnished by Evildoers. And many either love Western Movies or they Hate them. But Country Music and Western Movies go hand in hand. Western Movie Stars would sing their Ballads during their Movie. Songs that are sung Today.

But THE WESTERNER is an exceptional Old West Movie about one of the Old West’s most colorful Characters. A real person. Judge Roy Bean. And Stories about him I used to read in the Old West Magazines. But again. These Magazines are ones most Today have never read. And if it’s not on Google, people won’t see them. I want you to know, I had an exceptional father who taught me to Love God, Family, and Country. And he whipped the child out of me and Childish Ways. TODAY, I have sad thoughts for those trying to ignore Our Past. Trying to destroy Our History. Trying to Re-Write History only to their Likings. And that ain’t right. You cannot re-write these Great Westerns. A CLASSIC is just that and meant to be left alone.

HIGH NOON is another Old West Western Classic. And not to be changed or ignored, but learned from as to why they are Classics. Too many are engaged in their own Game of bad Acting. And they get away with it TODAY. Why?

Because People are too afraid to Call Someone Out in their Bad Behavior right in the middle of their Bad Acting. Old People acting like 10-year old kids. Crying to mommy or Daddy like a big Crybaby. Instead of trying to pass along good to the next Generation. They are stuck on themselves and ITS ALWAYS ALL ABOUT THEM.

But sadly, we can’t cure those poor little babies that slipped thru the Cracks. But you can make sure your children ACT RIGHT ALL THE TIME! You Owe them that responsibility. They wanna Act like a Baby, Treat them as such. But don’t expect others to show them any sympathy for Bad IMMATURE Behaviors.

But the Old West Stars lived good lives. The COWBOY wasn’t wrapped up in Politics or Bad Acting about Our Country or Causing Family Problems. They loved God, Family, Country, and their Horse. And that is a good way to live.. My most favorite Horse, Dusty, was killed after a Rodeo by a D R U N K! This is why I have no sympathy for Drunks! Western Movies make me think about how things are not always good today. And some people really are just such sorry stinking sleeze-bags.

So, Today, what Good have you done in your Life? Who have you Helped? If no one. Why haven’t you Helped someone? What positivity have you done today? or have you forgotten HOW to be sympathetic to those in real need?

THE WESTERNER is a mighty fine Movie. But how many remember reading Old West Magazines? Back in the day, They were everywhere in Barber Shops and Doctor Offices. These and LIFE Magazine was too.

But my childhood memories are Not Yours. Do not compare my Hard Life to your Had it so Easy Life. But somewhere we might share a common ground. But I do know that some kids never worked in High School. But my parents had us work as much as possible. We were used to hard working when we left Home. We weren’t “calf-licked” after we left. I find that insulting to even think about how an Adult will still “calf-lick” their kids all thru Life. That makes my stomach wanna puke. But some are still allowed to act as kids all their Lives. And this is not How I was raised at all. And not how I raised my kids. Act your AGE! All the Time!

Cowboys work Hard.

Hard work meant Rewards. And I never had anything handed to me and I was a Cowboy for most of my early Life when I rode a Horse. I could Rope and Brand Calves too. Castrate them bull calves too. Hauled Hay all the Time. And then there are Whimps who compare themselves to others as if they should be placed in the same Arena of Life Achievers as the real Achievers. But Losers are losers…not Cowboy material at all.

So, remember to be Cowboy Strong. Live for good things, do good things, and don’t be a Chessy-Butt!

Accused of stealing horses, drifter Cole Harden (Gary Cooper) finds himself before the infamous Judge Roy Bean (Walter Brennan). Aware of the judge’s affection for actress Lily Langtree (Lilian Bond), Cole claims to know her and thus receives a suspended sentence. Soon after, Cole falls for an attractive homesteader (Doris Davenport) whose father (Fred Stone) is indirectly killed by Bean’s henchmen. Looking for revenge, Cole tracks the judge to a theater where Langtree is set to perform.