A Dream of Jesus

A few nights ago, I had a dream about Jesus. Part of it was in the Biblical Day and the other was now and modern times.

Jesus was entered in 10 Art Shows. And these Art Shows were taking place in several Countries and several States. Yes. In the Middle East. One was even under a large yet very dark Overpass.

And Jesus had to win all 10 Art Shows. And he knew there was Penalty attached to winning all 10 Art Shows.

The Art Shows began and covered several years to complete. And the Subject Matter was different at every Art Show. And the First One finally came.x

And when Jesus pulled the Cover off his finished Canvas, the Crowd was struck in Awe. Tears appeared in the eyes of many Viewers. But after a weekend of Judging, The Judges finally agreed and Awarded Jesus And his Art Work FIRST PLACE.

And Jesus left walking to the next Art SHOW. And there were others that decided to walk with him and they wanted to learn his techniques. But they mostly wanted to like him.

And I was walking with him and we talked. But I was alarmed at the One thing Jesus would receive if he won all 10 Art Shows. I was dumbfounded that a Man was going to each Art Show and his Art Work was so creative and different and unusual and exciting that I had a good feeling that he was going to win each Art Show.

And as I watched Jesus walk, many ran up to him hoping to just get a glance at this New Exciting Artist. Just a look. Many had heard, but no one believed he washes good as they said he was.

But those walking with him mimicked his Art Style. But they were no way close to his ability. And con they trudged.

And after the 7th Art Show. Jesus won again. SEVEN STRAIGHT ART SHOW VICTORIES. SEVEN he won. And even though the Outcome for his Victories are known to Jesus, he kept moving forward. He knew. He knew. He knew. Oh. How he knew and I asked why and he just kept going on.

Jesus did the 8t8th and 9th Art Show and WON them too. I have to admit, he was kind and he was real and his Art Work ran circles around all other Art Work.

On the 10th Art Show, it was at a Huge Overpass. Actually under it in Dallas Texas. It was a dark Stormy Day and night. It was eerily dark with a hallowing wind that seemed like a Calling Wind. I hadn’t heard one of them since my father’s DEATH.

And near Midnight, the Judges ruled that Jesus had WON. And by winning all 10 Art Shows, Jesus was to be Crucified. He knew. He knew. He knew. Yet, he kept going knowing full well he was going to be Crucified by doing the unthinkable. By winning all 10 Art Shows.

And I discussed this with him and he had morning and evening to say, but there was a defining certainty in his eyes and in the expression on his Face as if He knew completely what he was doing. And that certainty that grew more determined than ever by the time we reached the 10th Art Show.

But I kept asking Jesus-How can you do this? You can walk away. Just walk away. Slip away. Just disappear. You don’t have to go through all 10 Art Shows. But he would not be deterred. As it was set as if set in Stone. I was confused seeing such determination going farther than anything I could perceive. Beyond what Any of us could perceive. But Jesus was not going to be changed in mind or Deed.

And then I woke-woke-up. A strange dream about Jesus which simplified what Jesus had done on another way to view it. No, nothing that changes anything. Just a Dream.

But a Dream of Jesus and I walked and talked with Him.

I hope you have a similar Dream and you too walk and talk with Jesus.

It was quite beautiful and amazing and full, Oh so full of Love…why? Who can control a Dream?