Driving and Drugs is Bad BEHAVIOR!

When you find someone using Drugs. Do you run away from them or try to convince them to get help. We know when they are. Don’t we?. Yes. We do. We always know. But instead of pestering them,

Try helping them-

Do truck drivers do drugs? Yes. The vast majority of traffic accidents are preventable, and often happen because truck drivers self-medicate with illegal drugs. Drug use behind the wheel of a large truck is illegal and extremely dangerous, and happens far more often than you might think.


Don’t leave them to a blind eye. Most of us know when someone is abusing Drugs, Using Drugs, their Actions are Drug relayed and their choice of words and putting sentences together is impaired. But do you allow or encourage their further USE by using a Blind Eye?


Drug use high among commercial truck drivers: study shows


  1. Marijuana –10,388
  2. Cocaine — 3,192
  3. Methamphetamine — 2,184
  4. Amphetamines — 2,108
  5. Oxymorphone — 556
  6. Oxycodone — 452
  7. Hydrocodone — 418
  8. Hydromorphone — 363


It is difficult to determine how specific drugs affect driving because people tend to mix various substances, including alcohol. But we do know that even small amounts of some drugs can have a measurable effect. As a result, some states have zero-tolerance laws for drugged driving. This means a person can face charges for driving under the influence (DUI) if there is any amount of drug in the blood or urine. Many states are waiting to develop laws until research can better define blood levels that indicate impairment, such as those they use with alcohol.


Open a real Dialogue with anyone you know is using and abusing Drugs. But Driving and Drugs is extremely Dangerous and must not be Allowed. Help them! They are really begging for help inside and don’t even know it. Don’t let them kill others or themselves…

I spent years listening to men who had hurt and killed others on the Highways and had been using Drugs. And they were Tried in Court and when I saw them, they had a TDCJ NUMBER and were Doing Time for their Crimes. No matter how many times a Person says-I AM SORRY- the severely injured and Dead won’t hear you if you were the reason that they got injured or were killed because of you.

Quit the Drugs Now! But Where I live has a big Drug PROBLEM-

In 2017, Brazos County had an opioid prescription rate of 47.9 per 100 individuals.