“Horribleness” keeps spewing out of Mein ‘My’ Führer’s Mouth?

Stunning Words used to ATTACK A MAN’S MOTHER? In TEXAS. All Texans consider four words a personal Attack upon themselves and fighting Words when someone calls your Mother a BITCH and you “A Son of a Bitch”. And he added DUMB on top of that. Why degrade others like this? And now, how many children will mimic his words and his behavior? Jesus Christ, don’t you even CARE what affect this man’s rhetoric is having on our Children! Such does not make 🇺🇸 a better place. But he did it and there’s more rambling out now-

“Horribleness” keeps spewing out of Mein ‘My’ Führer’s Mouth?

Highly serious Accusations where even high-lighting himself more beloved than Jesus Christ? And claiming more followers? I mean how can anyone raise Oneself to such a Grandiose Status?

January 6, 2021 Won’t go Away! Not ever…no way.


is there a Stone-Trump-Proud Boys Connection? And are all Congressional and other TEXTS by all Politicians in Washington, D.C. on January 6, 2021 being Subpoenaed?