JANUARY 6, 2021! Isn’t Going AWAY! It’s HERE TO STAY!

The day the U.S. Capitol was ATTACKED by UNITED STATES CITIZENS isn’t going away! A Truly Painful Thing did happen. It did take place. And What Caused that Horrifying Event to take place was?

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Where you have an initial arrest and the initial charges up front might be serious, but they might not be the full extent of the criminal culpability. 




Now many are hoping January 6, 2021 will just go AWAY and especially by 2024. Let’s Play Pretend it never took Place? Sure, but wouldn’t it have been better if it had NEVER taken Place?

But WAKE-UP- IT WON’T. Won’t never go away. We are Stuck on that for sure. And none of the Trials have begun. We are stuck in the Biggest Kennedy Assassination Investigation since 1963. And if you want it to Just Disappear, DO A HEAD CHECK, we MUST have the Most Comprehensive Investigation EVER! What took place cannot be Overlooked. If we do, then do you want the NEXT ONE to be SUCCESSFUL?

People are so QUICK to decide on things that some are sometimes based on Mindless Narratives!

Most Reading should be able answer this simple Taught in the Classroom Question, Can you answer this Simple Question-

What do the Four Names Represent? Single, Bones. congou or Hyson?

  1. Are the names of P.TP.T. Barnun’s famed Elephants?
  2. Four Largest Tribes in the Congo?
  3. Four Names of Viking Longboats?
  4. Names of Tea dumped into Boston Harbor during the Boston Tea Party?

Well, when you want to talk about Historical Events, you better have done your reading and yet, most aren’t willing to take the time to READ History. But did you pick the easy and Correct Answer?. Or did you Sleep in History? The ones tossed had important reasons as well. Do you remember? Did you get it right,? And it is an EASY AMERICAN HISTORY QUESTION.

It was all loose tea because the colonists had no taste for tea bricks, and tea bags were still 150 years in the future. Benjamin Woods Labaree’s The Boston Tea Party says the three tea ships contained 240 chests of Bohea, 15 of Congou, 10 of Souchong (all black teas), 60 of Singlo, and 15 of Hyson (both green teas).

So, now you know.

And the other thing that will NEVER GO AWAY is How our Own Voting Systems were ATTACKED REPEATEDLY AND STRATEGICALLY as being Illegal and full of Corruption and other Horrible Ideas making many suddenly No Longer Belief in the Greatest Privilege any of 🇺🇸 has-The Right to VOTE!. Some are now thinking their Vote is being tossed into the bottom of an OutHouse dark bottom and not being a Registered Vote.

And repeated Requests by a ‘Sitting President’ to Change Election Results be changed to Throw the 2020 Presidential Election his Way. Man, who does that? But all of these Election Process Attacks did take a Toll on the psyche of many Americans coming away with New Beliefs our Voting System is what was Repeated in the Lawsuits that found no honest credibility. Judges and the Supreme Court even tossed all of them out. Found to be Only be a Rich Man playing Rich Man Games.

But have we suddenly accepted turning a blind eye to the Truth? Yes, many have and continue to do so. Ready to sink mind-boggling amount into the man still. Some amounts were SHOCKING. To me at least. It amazes me that people have so much money to waste or throw away or give to another. Yet, I don’t see this in News going on at Fund Raising Events for Charities and FOOD BANKS.

Tickets for T…’s most expensive reelection… yet cost $580,600 per couple

The Saturday event, held at the Palm Beach…will cost donors a staggering $586,000 per couple to attend!


Playing Election Hold the Party altogether Events at astronomical amounts of Money is SHOCKING to me. Man, where is this Money going? Where? Into who’s pocketbook? One or many? $5000 plates of food served? Man, what is on that? Do they even talk about poor you or me? Eat expensive World Food. drink the Most expensive Liquors and what are they discussing? You and me in good terms or How to Corral and Control Us terms? Have you ever wondered what is Discussed at such events?

Following this Money might prove to be very interesting. No telling what you might find.

But did you really want to read any of this? What’s your take on January 6 and all the other Games that were played? Ready to see all of them again?

Did you know 65% of the GOP has said that they DO NOT WANT someone to RUN again. And if he does. Will another January 6 and all the Election Lawsuits take place as well. Anyone now has Four Years to Orchestra Fake Evidence to Fake Out even more PEOPLE. A “king up” False Election Cards Scam and all.

Interesting Map that a certain Person wants to take place ASAP as Troops are building up along the Border. But most don’t want to consider stuff like that. War Weather is Coming. But who cares?