Remember “ROID RAGE”? Well, now it’s “”PANDEMIC RAGE”?

Remember “ROID RAGE”? Where Steroid Use was leading some to have Outrageous Fits of Rage? Well, now it’s “”PANDEMIC RAGE”? But why?

Doctors are saying 1 in 3 Covid Cases are experiencing Mental Issues after their Covid appears to have gone away. No. It’s not hanging upside Down like Grandpa on the TV SHOW-THE MUNSTERS!

It’s the unneeded sort of stuff that this Deadly Virus is having on the World. On the Brain of those who were Infected.

About a third did go on to experience some kind of neurological or mental health issue within six months of their coronavirus infection. Anxiety (17%), mood disorders (14%), substance abuse disorders (7%) and insomnia (5%) were the most commonly diagnosed disorders, the team said.

Overall rates of neurological problems were much lower, including 0.6% for brain hemorrhage, 2.1% for ischemic stroke, and 0.7% for dementia.

Neurological conditions were more common in patients who had been seriously ill with COVID-19. For example, among patients admitted to intensive care, 7% had a stroke and almost 2% were diagnosed with dementia, Harrison’s group reported.

And with changes in the brain, has bad behavior now reared its UGLY HEAD and into a New Form of RAGING ANIMAL AND MAMMAL in Man? Is this causing the Upload in Anger Cells in their Brains? What? Yes, what is it? That is causing an uptick in Violent Actions. All across 🇺🇸? Is the next Video the reason?

A cute moment in a very funny Movie-WATERBOY!

But seriously. Is the Covid Virus causing all of these unnatural Acts of Violence to Occur. And let’s not Overlook the end Results! More will find themselves in Prison in 2021 thru 2023.

What if a Study is done to see if any of the January 6. 2021 U.S. Capitol Attackers had this? Could any of this have been caused by new changes in the brains caused by Covid-19 Infections? And not a Joke!