North Korea’s Kim, the THUG Ruler, is still a THUG!

Kim owns this one all by himself. His alienation, THUG RULE technique, is the gut issue causing any and All sufferings placed upon the North Korean People. North Koreans treated like Lab Mice in a Maze! Yes, they are. Always watching every single word that they read. Speak, or write could COST them and their families immediate imprisonment in one of Kim’s infamous RE-EDUCATION CAMPS for Generations.

And all of this is a CARRYOVER to the USSR Control of North Korea under Joseph Stalin who trained the Leaders to be very controlled COMMUNISTS. The BEST WORKING Model of Communism in the World Today is North Korea. But, Kim has taken it to the EXTREME with Killing Dissenters at the drop of his Hat. Even spilling the blood of any General who doesn’t Worship Kim as a God. Yes, Kim believes he is a Living God. With God-Like Power. But does he have magical God-Like Power? Hell No! He’s just a Man. A THUG! He can’t even cure himself of Diabetes. And his Army of Thugs around him will carry out every mindless Order Kim Gives.

DANGEROUS? Is he Dangerous? Well, if you like sleeping with Cobras in your bed, then yeah, he’s deadly Dangerous. And his biggest Fear is leaving the BORDER Line of his Thug World. Using an Armored Train to travel anywhere. Right now. There are an estimated Ten Kim Clones. So, A version of Kim will be here for lots of Generations.

But, Kim once again has brought a huge LACK OF FOOD STAPLES BURDEN UPON all of North Korea. But I’m not going to explain it to you. Read it for yourself-

“While I eat Steak, Shrimp, Caveat. Whatever I want, I feed all North Koreans One Bowl of Rice per day. They have no Issue but to Die by Starvation if they wish. They cause their own Deaths. Not I. My Missile Program MUST go on as it pleases me. We cannot go to the Olympics because I want…” the microphone then went dead when Kim saw his fatty Generals bringing out Fried Chicken with lots of Fries and Cake and Ice Cream. His mouth began gurgling with delight. The Fattest North Korean is Kim.

And now. Kim has sent out his First HELP US PLEA to the World telling all of us tons of North Korean are gonna Die due to Starvation. And Spring hasn’t even started for planting. But if anyone helps, Kim sells the Food to buy more For his Missile Program. And they will still Starve to Death! It’s COMMUNISM!

But to make such a Dire Prediction before Planting Season begins is so strange a Game Kim now plays…See through it? It’s part of the Thug Game.

And the people know no better. So. When he miraculously has enough Food, he will once again cement his Control. It’s a game. And there is nothing anyone can do because North Koreans are Well-Trained Minions living under the cruelest Dictator in the World.

But don’t try fixing it. You can’t. No one can. They are stuck thick in Pure Communism. And if you feel sorry for them. Do. But Read up on all the Cruel Things that go on in North Korea every day. The stuff they don’t want you to know.

In 2017, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) fired 23 missiles during 16 tests and conducted a sixth nuclear test, raising tensions on the Korean peninsula to their highest level in decades.

Same Song, Same Verse…and it never changes.