2021 PREDICTION-Expect a Higher than Normal Step-up in VIOLENCE! But We Can Reverse This!!!

VIOLENCE! And the Pandemic? This Pandemic is producing a Higher than normal degree of Violence in America.

PANDEMIC RAGE! It’s here! Carjacking are now Doubling, even Tripling in parts of the Country!




This Violence is a Carryover from 2020. And I believe No School has added to too much time on their hands and this adds up to trouble-Lots of Kids and No School-Expect More Crime.


2020 was WORST NUMBER of Murders in 🇺🇸 in Decades!!!


What Can You Do?

  1. Prepare to NOT be the Victim.
  2. Use SMART & QUICK Judgements. Your first impression is usually right. So, when you see a person walking toward you while you are sitting in your Car, don’t you think that person is about to Carjack YOU? Sure, unless they gonna Rob you.
  3. Learn Defensive Tactics.
  4. Get a License to Carry. And then CARRY. Getting the License and not Carrying is Dumb. But be Careful the times you have your Handgun. Know the LAWS!
  5. Keep Situational Awareness going at all times. While you are singing to your favorite tune, someone may be watching you to see if they want to make YOU their next Victim.


Read a good book. Write a Book. Watch Movies that don’t make you MAD. Watch more Happy Movies. Dance to your Tunes. Find that Happy You again!



Find that Happy YOU. What made you Happy before the Pandemic? Well, hopefully you can do it again real soon.

Enjoy Life! But enjoy Who YOU ARE! Take yourself to Happy Again!