2512 Lines of Reading! Georgia Voting Act, an Act Against the Black People?

Read it? It’s the Talk of the Day, Week, Month, and of an Overly Oppressive White Man’s Knee on the Black Man’s neck? Well, isnt it? Inclusive Act aimed at handing the GOP an Election? So, what caused them to go after the Black Community?

FEAR! Fear is the Name of the Game! On one hand, Trump Vocalized White Supremacy and others are taking it back as far as they can. But FEAR is the Root of All Evil. Not Greed or is this GREED? Or is it both?

I’m White and I’m talking from my own point of view. So, it might not match yours. The Biggest Mistake we make is thinking others think just like we do. But my Life has included a huge portion of working with Black men and women. I do not fear a black person. But there are millions who do. And in Georgia, the Stereotyping Door will never be Closed. It’s been flung wide open. They are so steep in White Privilege that no one could ever explain it to them. Are we regressing into Our Past?

So, when you

  1. The fact that they Voted their First Black Senators put the Fear in them. Raphael G. Warnock (D-GA) became the first African American Senator from Georgia on January 20, 2021.
  2. High Voter Turnout scared them. Caused a shaking, a rumbling in their drawers.
  3. Trump spouting out all the Voter Insanities caused Fear beyond Fear itself.
  4. And his Asking Georgia to give him enough VOTES to change the Election Outcome in Georgia WOKE them White Folks up and most Wanted them to change the Votes even though this would have been Illegal. Hellfire, it’s okay if we break the Law, they said. And this is now being legally reviewed for possible Criminal activity. This caused FEAR. It WOKE-UP that White Fear of the Black Man? Taking Georgians way back in their Past. It brought back their Roots?

But not living with anyone from the Black Community after High School, the Stereotyping Words are what Georgians believe about Blacks? White Georgians do? Now, this doesn’t include everyone. And what Trump said wasn’t believed by everyone, even GOP members. But let’s Face It, we are here now. And we’re in it for sure. Pandemic Anger has created a great many problem Issues all over the place.

But again, Georgians are steeped deeply in their Racist Past. Yes, I doubt that they will ever grow beyond a hug or handshake with a Black Person which is just for Show. But you need to read more about how Georgia got so steeped in Racial Hatreds-


People, the Race Issue exists all over the World. It’s everywhere. And there are places where it is far worse than Georgia’s Hate for Blacks. Isn’t that what it is? White People hating Black People? Some Whites believing it is BEST to keep Black People locked away in their Caves. Never to show their Black Ass in Public?

Another new FEAR is of the “so called DANGEROUSLY HORRIBLE Immigrant” from Guatemala that Trump masquerades as MS-13 and other deadly Gangs. When in actuality, they are migrating because of all the Flooding in Guatemala which crippled their Agricultural Industry where most of their Country works. No work, no money, NO FOOD. Die or migrate. You pick?

Is that how you feel? No, not I. My World is steeped Deeply in promoting a Positive Image of the Black Community. For God has a plan for all. And mine was to write A Panther’s Father Book Series. And I wanted to give everyone a hand up out of the toil that may be hurting them. Hangings, Rioting, and other tales are in the Books and these must be spoken about. But not from a point of view of Approval, but contempt. From a Point if View to Prevent further bigotry and untold evil that still exists.

And don’t worry, Georgia is not the Only State reeling from their Own Newly WOKE Contempt for Black individuals like in TEXAS. And other States too. Just look at all the Confederate States who HAD SLAVES. Each kept the Black Down as much as Possible by Jim Crowe Laws. Let’s not Clown around about this. This is some real stuff. But it’s nothing new. Race Issues are riding a wild rollercoaster with its ups and downs.

And the latest Jim Crowe Act belongs to? And the Winner is GEORGIA! GEORGIANS OWN THIS?

And CANCEL CULTURE has once again arisen-


At Times, it’s as if we WOKE UP in a different REALITY. This Pandemic has changed a lot if things and thinking rationally ain’t one of them. Even Talk Show Hosts get into full blown Outrage Discussions where one another while on the Set. And some leave the set while Live. And not just here in America. It’s crazy. And it is also disgusting. Pandemic Anger is everywhere in the World. Unheard of things just a year ago are taking place now and I believe frustration with the Pandemic is at the Heart of it and Not Politics. But lots of Politicians now are blowing-off Steam in the Media like never before. And that’s not good. They must re-learn how to go into a room and work together to fix 🇺🇸’s Problems. And then, secret meeting notes are Released to the Public. But why? It’s a folly of misconceptions