Have We Stereotyped Ourselves into a Corner?

Hmm…interesting question, is it not? Forget the Day of being Politically Correct. Those days have come and gone. Many today are anything but polite. Anger rules many lives today. Angry at everything. Anything, and anyone. And forget Trusting anyone anymore. This Pandemic has cast a Cruelty upon Mankind with No Lesson Plan on How to Behave. Even the American Government downplayed the Spanish Flu of 1918-20. And they too left No Lesson Plan. Hey, screw you, it’s on all of you now. We already had ours.

So, if you’re about munch on fish and chips or a cup of Tea in England, finishing a cup of Java on an Indonesian Island, or a drinking a Myers Dark Rum and Coke in Jamaica, there are those who will look at anyone of us and quickly pop out a Stereotype Name for any of us. After in as little as thirty seconds, the “names” will pop out of there mouths. Might even be three seconds or less. AND THEY’LL say them loud enough for us to hear.

What they see is maybe this-

  • We’re obese
  • We’re rich
  • We’re loud and arrogant
  • We’re obsessed with guns
  • We’re workaholics who care more about work than we do spending time with our families
  • We don’t care about the environment
  • We’re materialistic
  • We have no sense of style
  • We’re severely uneducated
  • We couldn’t care less about other people’s cultures

And the ones that burn us up the most are the Slang Words that are regional or among a select group of people. And they got them. We got them. Everyone has got them and Everyone is busy using them at an unlimited Rate. And they Laugh out Loud when they use them. Their friends might as well. Sure. They usually will.

And the Game is Wide Open. But Stereotyping is part, maybe the biggest, reason the World has gotten themselves into their own little corner with no way out. The people of one Country Stereotyping the people of other Countries and anyone from them. What?

An Example: A person from a part of Alabama might instantly think a Retarded Stereotype Name for you when you say you are from Texas? Chicago? Detroit?

And then comes in What are you wearing? And what Race are you? These too open the door that has been busted off the hinges. People trying to improve themselves are often times held back by “Stereotyping Words” that others have shared about you, me. All of us. Cutting to the quick are some words saved for the worst. But not no more. The worst are tossed out because people have lost their ability to be polite. Being a Thug is Cool. Funny. But dang hurtful. Is it because of-

Pandemic Anger? Being locked-up for long periods of time in your residence causing delusional thoughts to occur. Being locked-up during a Pandemic and being alienated away from one’s normal routine or likes.

We’ve all experienced it. And some are taking their Angers out now more than ever before. Openly! Openly attacking others whom they see as weaker individuals. Not just verbally, but physically.

My own grandfather used Cheesy-Butts as his “go to word” for anyone who pissed him off. He had been Called a Half-Breed most of his life being the son of an Native American Indian and a White Man by too many and he wasn’t going to let anyone stand in his way.

But what are the words you got ready to USE at the drop of a Hat or Cap? You got some and when hard pressed, you’ll past out some and most likely you’ll be recorded by someone when you least expect it when you do. And they’ll POST it and you and your stereotyping words might even go Viral. And you might even cry Boo-Hoo. Too late, your Anger got the best of you. What anger? Pandemic Anger.

So think before you act…we are stuck going thru this Pandemic individually, collectively, and other ways not yet to be Identified. But we are in it for sure…and just when you think You’ve heard every stereotyping word. More come out. More are to come…Lol