I’m a U.S. Army Veteran, but don’t Thank Me! I’ve already been Thanked.

on LinkedIn Today, a Veteran posted a pic of an American Flag on the Ground at a McDonald’s. He said he went in and talked to the Manager who said to Go Fuk Yourself. Which I highly doubt. But I Re-Posted it and added the Below-

I would raised it back up proudly and let it go. Those Managers are working their butts off inside. we can help each other. it’s not hard to be human with our hearts. I’m a U.S. Army Veteran and I don’t expect anyone to Thank Me. My Service and being there, being able to help pick my fellow Vietnam Veterans back up off the ground is my greatest “Thank You” I’ll ever receive. And it starts and ends with a good, warm, living heart.

And I meant that and always will. When I went Overseas. A great many of the U.S. Army Veterans were coming off two Tours in Vietnam and them then were being sent to Camp Casey in South Korea. At this Military Installation with the 2nd Infantry Division. We were about 15 miles from the DMZ

In my Company, I was in a Battalion of M-60 MAIN BATTLE TANKS. I was the Gunner on one.

You might think-Oh, how Cool! But being an Armored Crewman was a whole lot of constant Training for WAR. And hotter than HELL inside that Beast. Heat as HOT AS HELL inside the Tank. You literally ate the HEAT of that Massive V-12 Engine. And you drank Water like it was going out of style to keep hydrated.

Then when in my corner in a Quanson Hut Military building lying on my bunk with Mosquitoes Netting all around me like in one of those B&W films, and then when the Blood Curdling Screams of Vietnam Demons Come back to the mind of one of the Viet. Vet’s minds. I went out searching for that Vet. Crying out in pain. And sometimes it lasted all night. Spending the night helping a Vet. Getting thru the nights was easy for me. I had already, as a small boy, been taught how to help.

Sitting for hours at times with my bedridden Great Grandmother. I had gotten used to it. She had a stroke and couldn’t speak or hardly move. She just stared at me mumbling her mouth and making gurgling noises as I sat and listened always wishing I could make out just one word. It was something I learned to deal with. Poor people have to take care of their own, no matter what. And we were that.

And walking drunk Vets. Back from the Village was fine with me too. I just made sure they didn’t VOMIT on me. And the stories they could tell and back them up with the Medals as well. OMG! Stories of H O R R O R! BAD, vicious Stories. Stories of Death. Not kindness. Never kindness. Always Death and those they killed or friends that were Killed. But a Tank is a true weapon of War. She’s your best friend and worst enemy all wrapped up into one. Everyone knows you’re coming. It’s a loud Beast spitting out fire.

We killed people all the time Overseas and here in the States, too. Most Deaths were from running over people. You cannot stop them on a Dime. And 52 tons will smush you flatter than the Ground. People cutting Safety Corners while Intoxicated really chapped my Ass. They’d sneak a bottle into the Tank and drink and then cut corners and People would get run over. T I got to where I absolutely would not Sleep on the Ground in a sleeping bag in the field. After seeing fellow Soldiers or Tankers run over in them. They’d just skip using a ground crew and That’s when they’d run over someone. And you can’t unlock that flattened fellow Soldier image from your mind. I slept on the Tank or in her. Sometimes I slept lying on top the main barrel. Yes, you got used to it. But I didn’t want to get squashed.

But once I drank a lot. I did and most folks I knew did too.

I once drank trying to get those memories out of my mind of crushed Soldiers in their sleeping bags. But BOOZE doesn’t fix nothing. Drinking only makes it easy for you to become a real A S S H O L E! And I became one and then over 30 years ago, I QUIT drinking Alcohol! I left it behind. Still got those memories in my head, but I left the Booze behind. It only destroys relationships. It kills relationships. But I had those horrific images stuck in my mind. And always will. Still do.

But picking a fellow Soldier up and off the Ground is what I did Overseas anytime I was needed. I didn’t mind because at times, I had to be lifted up off the Ground myself too.

So, don’t forget to help those you care about. Encourage them to better themselves. That’s all you can do mostly. Most folks will attack you for trying to help them until they are ready to quit. By that time, they done lost most of their friends. They are too chicken-shit to go to AA. And that’s what they need. They are afraid of being stigmatized.

I grew-up with a family of Uncles and Aunts who were Whisky and Beer Alcoholics. One of them sent my wife and I Whisky Glasses for a wedding present. And Tobacco and Alcohol crushed their Health with Cancer and a Voice Box. But Drunkards who walked around their homes in shorts with shit it them. A grotesque sight. But when they started Drinking. Smoking Tobacco and Drinking was glorified in the Cinemas. But those days are gone.

And after spending Ten Years working at a Half and Half Prison where 1/2 was DWI Convictions. The other 1/2 was Drug Rehab for Drug Users. And some of them on both sides couldn’t even make a complete rational sentence come out of their mouths for the Life of them. Lifetimes of Drinking and using Drugs. And having to deal daily with those sorts of people will Test you and your ability to remain Calm. Because of my Past exposures to Drunks and Drunkards and my own past Drinking, I now have a low tolerance of people who cannot control their behavior while Drinking. I can’t handle them no more. I won’t. They are dangerous to themselves and to others. It took me many years to learn how much Alcohol was CONTROLLING me. It controls you.

And Hell yeah, at times I was driving a vehicle while I was legally Drunk. I’m thankful I never was caught or hurt anyone. But doing that is stupid. And Alcohol will make you do stupid stuff.

Sooner or later, if a person would only realize that they are being Blessed to be Alive another day. And the Older we get. These days are a greater Blessing. And nothing justifies DRINKING! Walking around all foggy-headed. This is Not Living Life. It is not. It is wasting your Life. Think of all that you could do instead.

So, put your Big Boy Pants on and go to AA. It’s Okay. If I can QUIT, so can you. A DWI can cause a Bigger problem for you and driving while drinking is NOT COOL anymore. What’s your PTSD you hiding from? Running from?

I support all QUITTERS who QUIT DRUGS or Alcohol.. Or both.

Good Luck. I know how hard it is to QUIT, but you will Live longer.

Write a Book. Start your Own Blog. Get Busy doing something else other than drinking…find a hobby. Read a Book!

My 4th Book will be out shortly…try one of the other three.