McClintock and Donovan’s Reef-two John Wayne Movies you Won’t Forget.

Today, I Researched Donovan’s Reef and McClintock. The thing that struck me was How Similar the Storylines appeared to be in interesting ways. And in both Movies, John Wayne spanks the Leading Lady. Yes, he takes both over his knees and let’s his Right hand begin to spank away.

And another thing was Patrick Wayne, John’s Son, was in both Movies.

Interestingly, both Movies were made in 1963. But the Biggest Clue for Script similarity was the FACT that James Edward Grant wrote both Scripts. Frank Nugent aided in the Script for Donovan’s Reef.

But both Movies are Movies to take your mind away to a simpler time and a time of Fun. Fun for the whole family. I loved the unique view of the merging of two Peoples with different Beliefs coming together to celebrate the birth of Christ. It’s very revealing and I highly recommend you View both. But the birth scene and the WWII storyline made me mentally stop and take notice. You’ll see what I mean when you watch it too.

Lee Marvin plays a rowdy ruffian, but He’s still fun to watch in Donovan’s Reef. And this Movie will touch your hearts.

And if you’re looking for a break from the Apocalypse Movies. Or Zombie Movies. Or your Daily Rut, try these Movies.

So, sit back and enjoy two wonderful John Wayne Movies-

This Movie is FREE on some sites, so please look around or buy it. Or Rent it.