Can North Korea NUKE you?

Can North Korea Bust a Cap on dat Ass? 🇺🇸??? Or another Country? Here’s am Article from 2017

North Korea to Hawaii? 7,501Km

North Korea to Alaska? 5,717km

North Korea to California? 9,053Km

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North Korea to Washington, D.C.? 10850km

North Korea to New York? 10,737km

North Korea to Maine? 10,342km

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North Korea to Austin, Texas? 10,877km

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North Korea to UK? 8,400km

North Korea to Philippines? 3,102km

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North Korea to Israel? 8,038km

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North Korea to Saudi Arabia? 7,698km

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North Korea to Australia? 7,320km

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And the Lastest Tests were just Little Farts…

Kim isn’t MAD, but he might be capable of unspeakable Acts.

Japanese officials said North Korea fired the two missiles after 07:00 local time on Thursday (20:00 GMT Wednesday). They flew 420km and 430km respectively before landing in waters outside of Japan’s exclusive economic zone.

420 km? 261 miles

1 mile is? How many km in 1 miles? The answer is 1.609344.

So, worry if you must. No War with North Korea is WANTED! Kim is wrong about 🇺🇸. But-

Kim Launching a Nuke is the best advantage we have. He nukes and so shall we! Why kill millions when a 30 minute War is all that will be required. And Kim? You’ll lose Big Time. Stop the Games and do Diplomacy. Get out of the Dark Ages…

Don’t Worry about Kim or North Korea. Live your Life!