Will Trump GOP Supporters Keep 🇺🇸 from becoming Herd Immune to COVID-19?

I wished this was not a real Question. But apparently it has become just as big an Issue as Wearing a MASK for Trump’s GOP.

One Trump Supporter said she didn’t believe Trump got the Vaccine either. So she won’t.

Republicans voters are as afraid of getting a Covid-19 vaccine as they are of getting the virus itself. But assuaging their concerns is possible — if politicians get out of the way and let doctors take the lead, according to much anticipated new research.

Republicans are now one of the largest groups of Americans resistant to getting vaccinated

potentially jeopardizing the goal of reaching herd immunity, which will only be achieved once an estimated eight-in-10 Americans are inoculated.

And where’s this coming from? The below site-


Why does Trump and his Loyal Supporters Keep popping up in such things as this? Politicians keeping them stoked! Keep poking at them.