GUN CONTROL and Butts…drink beer instead.

First Off, I’m a GUN Show fan. Have been since my 1st in 1960s. But I have seen Bad Actors doing BAD THINGS THERE! And I remember the First Time I saw the SKS Rifle at them. At that time, you could BUY Three for $99 Dollars. China was dumping their Old Military Rifles on Our Market. Might even been Vietnam too. But they were very worn with new Barrel Insert put in the Barrel. But the one that surprised me was when Russia started Mass Producing the AK-47 just for the American Civilian Gun Market.

And just when I finally decided I wanted to purchase an AR-15, the BRADY BILL passed and they jumped to $3000 each. It was the most Restrictive Gun Legislation that burned great dislike for Gun Lovers. Most 2nd Amendment Lovers were Alarmed and feared Gun Confiscation was next with Troops going Door to Door to get them.

But, Gun Killings still continue without any forecasting and it will get Worse as more NUTTY FOLKS DO NUTTY THINGS like the El Paso Texas Wal-Mart killings. Laws exist. But No Law protects against the Nutty Person. Or the Radicalized Person.

Everybody can ARGUE about GUN Reform Legislation. Some might be good. But the junk added is where most Gun Lovers will fight you over it. Gun Laws Created by GUN HATERS is poor Policy and could COST the DemocraTs Future Elections if passed in Bad Faith. Legislation being PASSED without any GOP MEMBERS signing onboard is not good. This has got to stop. Work Together or we’ll think Congress is BROKEN! And no longer Viable. We the People will have to VOTE on everything? And drop Congress altogether. What’s the diff? Unable to work together is wasted Space and use of People. I’m ashamed that they have reached their greatest level of Incompetence like the Military does. My Uncle used to tell me this-In the Military. A person will be promoted to their highest Level of Incompetence.

I have no Answers for NUTTY PEOPLE. You might say NUTTY PEOPLE attacked our Capitol on January 6, 2021. But NUTTY PEOPLE going on a Shooting Spree killing Shoppers and such is not an arguable Issue. They must be STOPPED, but HOW? TELL 🇺🇸 HOW?

And if you make it more Restrictive for purchasing or Outlawing Assault Rifles altogether, you will NEVER stop their Being SOLD and RESOLD by any Legislation. They will only FORCE good law-abiding Citizens to purchase them at Outrageous Prices on the Illegal BLACK. MARKET. Buying guns out of car trunks and so on. And the Drug Cartels that Politicians are AFRAID OF will provide them. CONTAINER SHIPS will have them. Restrictive Legislation will ONLY move Assault Weapons from Legal Transfer to being transferred Illegally. And it will continue. Too many Americans are convinced that they can ONLY PROTECT their Family with an ASSAULT WEAPON or Assault Rifles. And when you look to buy 10 or 20 Rd Magazines, THEY AREN’T THERE! Only 30 round Magazines are available in most cases. That is a strange item.

Make no mistake. Our hearts hurt when Gun Violence takes place. Mine does. My own daughter being shot thru her Chest with a .45 Pistol still upsets me. The nightmares have mostly ended. But not all.

But there are questions that I’d like to see answered about GUN SHOWS. And I’m not saying this to pick on anyone.

  1. At a very large Gun Show, in the Middle of it, HALT IT and do a GUN Check by 200-500 ATF Agents with Laptops.
  2. Check all the Serial Numbers on EVERY GUN to determine if they were purchased Legally thru Legal Means.
  3. Check to see if any are STOLEN GUNS.
  4. Determine How many Sellers are Selling Guns without doing any Gun Ownership Paperwork at all. Just asking if the buyer is 21 or Older and doing a quick glance at the buyers I.D. doesn’t mean a thing. It’s all for show.
  5. Check on How many Felons are there selling Guns.

And that’s all. Just do one to see how bad it is or isn’t. Nothing more. I’m a huge believer that Stolen Guns must be returned to the Owner. When found and if proper to do so. But Gun Shows make people Millions of Dollars.

One issue in our System is the Widow not knowing what to do with her Dead Husband’s Gun Collection. A Gun Hater will say that all should have No Guns. Be like them with No Guns. NO THANKS! Another might say two guns is enough. Others at 10 guns. And others might say 30-100 is enough. But One Person cannot choose the choices of another. Some people are truly Gun Lovers and they love possessing them. For some, they are a good Investment. They don’t drop in Price but keep going up.

I love a good Gun Show. Some Sellers are Nice people. But some are hateful, spiteful people unwilling to answer Questions about their Guns. These are the ones I suspect selling the Stolen Guns if they are in fact Stolen.


Like the NUTTY NUTT who went greatly in-depth with Planning His Death Campaign while killing Folks at an Outdoor Concert in Las Vegas. He planned that Shit for How Long? A long time I bet. But I’m only Guessing.

MASSACRING AMERICANS is COMING! Deliberately! Why and Who? OUR OVER 18 YEARS of War in Iraq and Afghanistan and Countries in the Region killing People, entire families at times, by Bombing and Air Strikes and Drone Attacks are going to Create Martyrs provided them that these 🇺🇸 Killings as their Self-Proclaimed Justifications to go on a “Killing Spree” here in America. And they ARE COMING! But planned, orchestrated events of 🇺🇸 Deaths! Jihadists are Coming!

Nutts will use whatever is available to them to Kill people. Knives, guns, bombs.

And Answers for these Nutts? How to keep them away? I have no answer. How do you spot them? Each person is their own unique Case. Some is mental. Some might be Drugs. Revenge or Hate? But taking Assault Weapons away is not going to Happen because there are already too many out there in the hands of mostly good people. Millions Up on millions are already SOLD. Taking some away will Not make 🇺🇸 Safe against the Nutts!

But we don’t know when a person’s brain is going to APPROVE for them to get to going on a Shooting Spree. That’s when they turn Full-Blown Nutt!!!

But try buying some BEER and drink enough to put yourself asleep all you Crazies thinking crazy thoughts. And do not go killing 🇺🇸. Get those Idiot thoughts out of your mind.

People are always boxing themselves into a corner where they cannot see a way out but will accept the 1st Solution thrown there way. GUN CONTROL is not 🇺🇸’s Solution.

Sadly, more stores Or Clubs are gonna need to BEEF-UP their Visible Security at the Door! Law Enforcement at the Door. Yes, Sad, but true…this might help some. Might make the Officers Targets too. To these Nutts!

🇺🇸 has a Violent Existence along with her beautiful side. Better be careful these days as much as we can be…get a Carry License. I have one and I’m old and Retired.