Back-Up the Clock! ”…only reinforcing pre-existing ideas they have…”

Our Last President opened the door for all forms of Bigotry against BLACKS,

WOMEN as Sex Objects,


And his heavy handed mouth caused the January 6, 2020 Overthrow Attempt! And NOTHING was done to STOP him. This was an Overthrow ATTEMPT!

Social Platforms have a Right to Police Hate Rhetoric or Rhetoric for the Overthrow of 🇺🇸.

TWITTER and INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK ended his Bloody Reign of Terroristic Rhetoric. But no legal Action with punitive judgement was rendered against the man. And if you look at all of his statements, he promoted White-ism like no other before him except the KKK. Trump woke-up White Hatred again. Most 🇺🇸 know what he has done and know right from wrong. Ignoring the Bad Rhetoric as if he never said it is just wrong. People have gotten hurt.

Most people know right from wrong. But let’s be clear, there are truly some that do not. And when words comes out of the mouth of the Commander in Chief, traditionally, we all consider those words to be the Gospel. The Truth and The only Truth. But with that man, he flipped the script and turned what he said and did into a Reality Show. His Show. But at times, he was right on point. But at other times, for reasons most of 🇺🇸 are confused about was when he went the other way. And this caused destructive thoughts in the minds of those apparently incapable of controlling their Actions like at the Capitol where people died.

And the following, now prolific words, were spoken in 2016-

We are at a dangerous place in American culture where a good percentage of people aren’t distinguishing what is a real news source based on real reporting and fact-checking and only reinforcing pre-existing ideas they have,” Ms. Kleinman said.

only reinforcing pre-existing ideas they have

People are only listening to Sourced that reinforce their own pre-existing Ideas. If you’re a Racists, you know where to go. Sources are out there to feed any ideas. Even MURDER and S_ _ _ L an El_ _ tion!

only reinforcing pre-existing ideas they have” is about the best way to explain how America was hoodwinked into believing only the pre-existing Ideas that they have. And Racism and Bigotry were just two of them. And these pre-existing Ideas already residing in the minds of millions were only reinforced to become concrete beliefs that No One can change now. The damages are done. The Clock Hands have been moved back to pre-1940s and pre-1930s hatreds for many. And some, but not all, great grandparents have only come out recently as they too brought out hate from those days still stuck in their Minds to any ears willing to listen. And out the words of contemptuous considerations and false stories and blame came out.

Trump Says QAnon Followers Are People Who ‘Love Our Country’ Now, how the Fuk he know that? They are people easily tricked?

When asked, the president did not question the truth behind the claims of the QAnon conspiracy movement. Instead, he offered his help.

But Alarmists Warning Americans have been Attacked and Quietened as being fool-hearted idiots. But these individuals were screaming out to Americans to Fact Check their own Realities and where they gathered ygeur sources of information that-…only reinforcing pre-existing ideas they have…but Not Checking has created the most Ignorant Amount of Ignorance Believers running around Attacking others and anyone who does not share or believe their Crazy Wild Conspiracy Theories of pure BULLSHIT.

PIZZAGATE? And how many spread this Lie to the point where a man runs into a Pizza Restaurant with a AR-15 With 200 Rounds thinking there was a basement where children were being Molested in the Basement. And it was supposed to be Owned by the Clintons. AND IT WAS A CONSPIRACY spread by Conspiracy Theorists. A Total Lie! And-Trump Retweeted his Own Tweets about Pizzagate in 2017 and 2020. All the way into 2020? WTF? Why? Because many still believed this to be True. To be real. And he plugged his mental extention cord into their brains. He had them hooked.

But how do we get the Hands on the Clock to move backwards? Return all of 🇺🇸 to a Happier and more inclusive time period? How? How you ask?

We CANNOT! But what all of 🇺🇸 can do is to start a new beginning on where we get Our News from. These wild phenomenon Stories have to be dropped and left out. If it doesn’t sound right. FACT CHECK IT! FACT CHECK your Sources. If 🇺🇸 doesn’t Fact Check and continue to stay with any story that…only reinforcing pre-existing ideas they have…then we’ll all move into a World of Liars and Thieves. An 🇺🇸 of Liars and Thieves. And I know we can do better. We have to.

One example of Strange Negativity that still lingers on over from the last Administration is To Politicize “something”. A past example- We’re the GOP and WE WON’T WEAR A MASK. And now, it’s We’re the GOP and WE WON’T GET COVID-19 VACCINATED. But why not? If we’re going to beat this damn Virus, it will take all of 🇺🇸 to be on the same page. We’re Sure in the same Boat. This is not Politics. It’s smart BEHAVIOR. We must beat this Virus and get 🇺🇸 back to normal.

Buy turning the Clock back is not going to happen. It’s not Daylight Saving History. It’s really upon all the Adults in this Great Nation to awaken and get this right.

99.99% of Americans are NOT going on A Killing Spree. Not going to commit a Felony. Not going to ATTACK our Capitol. It’s that little Ugly Percent who will and all of 🇺🇸 must be Vigilante that we don’t allow these Crazy Shits cause more of Our weights to be taken Away!

Congressman Brady was Shot and then came the Brady Bill. People were angered that a Major Right was taken from 🇺🇸 because of that Crazy Percent who will go on a Killing Spree. These People MUST be Stopped! We must not Allow this muck to happen. Stop it if you can. Font promote it, please.

Both Political Parties have far more to gain by working together than bring stoically alienated as if we aren’t even from the same Country. This is sad to watch and I’ve never seen such behavior by people elected to Congress to help 🇺🇸. Each of these Elected Individuals. Once elected, Represent ALL PEOPLE FROM THAT AREA WHERE THEY ARE FROM. After being Elected, you represent all of 🇺🇸. But working only to promote only a single Party in all that you do is Camel Dating.

To the ones who are suffering and being treated poorly because someone thinks that they have a right to mess with you is not Being An American. I’m sorry lame brained assholes are messing with you. They are not what 🇺🇸 is all about. Times liked this makes me wish that the U.S. DRAFT was put back in place.

Many Americans have paid No Dues to being an American. Only Taxes. Many don’t even know what is in the U.S. Constitution. But I cannot suggest they bring back the Draft because I know there are those who will misuse it, abuse it to their advantage. Just like they Drafting more Blacks to be killed in Vietnam than any other race. It was a broken system and will be back in a War. And they had how many years to FIX IT? Damn, that is gonna suck.

Enough said, have a nice day.