The Citadel of Democracy Attacked by Domestic Terrorists!

140 Law Enforcement Officers were Assaulted!

Doesn’t this matter to you?

To not be upset by this is the same as saying Being an AMERICAN can be turned off. I’m sorry, I cannot Turn mine Off. I’m an American 24/7 and Most Americans are too.

140 Law Enforcement Officers were Assaulted by Domestic Terrorists on January 6. 2020.

Sicknick is the only Capitol officer believed to have sustained fatal injuries during the attack.

Khater and Tanios were arrested Sunday and are expected to make their initial appearances in federal court Monday afternoon.

But the January 6, 2020 U.S. Capitol ATTACK was caused by the GOP’s complacency with President Trump’s Rampaging False Accusations of

1. Of Voter Fraud.

2. Of Election Fraud.

3. Of “Do this or Lose Democracy Forever”.

And NONE of this is Going Away! People Died! Our Beloved Law Enforcement Officers had to fight for their Lives! Fighting for their Lives and fighting these Terrorists to prevent the Deaths of Vice President Pence and Our Legislators. FIGHTING FOR THEIR LIVES! Please let that sink in. How Horrific is that? It is unbelievably Horrific.

And yet, there are those that are still saying Nothing Took Place. That it was Justified. That they wished that they had been there too. That they wished Legislators had been Killed. That Vice President Pence had been Hanged. Crazy stupid thinking.

I am HERE!”

Who are these Sick-Minded People? They are your neighbors. They are EVERYWHERE. And these Terrorists were Brainwashed.

300 have been charged. 400 May be still yet to get their Court Paperwork, but it’s damn sure coming. Their actions was appalling and unjustified. Don’t try to Moralize their Actions as anything but an Attempted Overthrow of Our Government. Any Protections for their being White People cannot be allowed. White Privilege doesn’t include Domestic Terrorism.

Violence in the U.S. Capitol is more common than is generally known. Since the British torching of the building during the War of 1812, there has been viciousness between Members, assassination attempts, and criminal attacks by individuals. Seldom do attacks on the citadel of democracy rise to the level of terrorism—which the 6 January assault most certainly did. 

But January 6, 2020 is never going Away. It will be here FOREVER.