Rapping with Respect, Ain’t No Turning Back

After working Five Texas Prisons, the Offenders never laughed at my simple Rap I jotted down from tomato time. A real Rapper I never wanted to be.. I gained real Respect, something a youngster will only see with ENVY. But I never Rapped Them.

Photo by Ignacio Palu00e9s on Pexels.com

Rapping with Respect, Ain’t No Turning Back


the living breathing James Brown

Young Rapper Wannabes, Bounce a ride in my car

With this Signified man, I won’t go far

See me in my Eyes, I already see U

I’ve fought the fights too, been cut, knives & all.

Fast Rap, or slow, I’ve listened to it all,

Talked a midnight discussion with rapper ZERO too

While he locked up on his bunk.

But do a Blood-In check cause you’re bound,

Come to Prison, this ain’t Yur Town.

Every Racists Word you throw, I been called them ALL

None Stuck.

They’ll fall off as fast as you throw

Your Mean-Mugging Me Looks I’ve endured the Best

I’m not here on the Shark Attack.

But me? Piss me a Story, Spin me a Tale, Rap me a line

If you serve up with me some Time.

Hey, I can’t Do Yours, Young Buck. You can’t do Mine.

Felt like a Prisoner, N me a Vilified Guard,

But I seen 1000’s like U sitting on the Rec. Yard

Trying to write the next Prime Time Prison Rap,

Every Fri. Sat. Nite you’ll try Yur Rap in a Group

Back at the Back in your Claustrophobic Dorm.

Beating on Walls, and Bunks, they’ll give U Beats,

And like a scene from a Movie

you’ll be liked?

Or Booed as a gangster Hack.

And if they don’t like your Words, you’ll get your shit packed, your Commissary Goods Jacked, and Spend all your time trying to get back what you lost in one night.

U in Prison Man, ain’t no turning back,

Ain’t no second chances

This ain’t the Land of Wannabe Rap.

But you saying you had no choice,

Blaming others but yourself.

Nobody put that gun in your Hand

You want it right you want it correct,

But you don’t want to hear My Shit,

Calling me a Dumbass Country Hick.

But old Convicts will slap your face,

No, I wont do it,

Cause I done earned my Respect.

And now, you gotta prove yours.

And after 10 or 15, or 20

Your Soul feels pretty Empty

You’ll think back to this one ride with me,

You looked in. But you never climbed in…

And youngster, I hurt for you, with you, more than you

could ever imagine, will ever know,

This Incarceration Game has got to END..