Who in Washington, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California is Getting Mexican Cartel Monies?

A full and complete Investigation must be done to see if (not IF but WHO?) anyone from one of the Above mentioned States and Washington, D.C. including ANYONE who is receiving MEXICAN DRUG CARTEL MONIES! Yes, who’s doing these Cartels A little favor? Weed is the CARTELS Billion Dollar Revenue Generator and it is blossoming with Corruption and America must get to the Bottom of all of it! Maybe Lobbyists or Legislators and WE MUST FIND OUT! We must root them out! We must Declare an EMERGENCY! An American Cartel Crisis!


Radio Zeta: How Mexico’s Drug Cartels Stay Networked

Forget about making drug deals on your cellphone. When you’re part of the Zetas, one of Mexico’s violent drug cartels, you have your own encrypted radio network to move your deadly product. And Mexican soldiers and cops aren’t able to get Radio Zeta off the airwaves.


They are IN 🇺🇸!!!