SARS-CoV-2 lineage B.1.526 emerging in the New York!

SARS-CoV-2 lineage B.1.526 emerging in the New York! This is not good!

If I’m learning all of this correctly, There is or Will be NO HERD IMMUNITY with Covid-19. This appears to be nothing more than Wishful Thinking. The New York Variant is Doubling every two weeks on those Infected.

I’m fully Vaccinated and now, I’ve now found where People are being Re-Infected. But being Re-Infected or infected by these New Variants. It’s Shocking. Not a few but as many as 30% so far in some Communities. My 1st Questions, like yours, is How Can This Be? Did these two matter?

  1. Wear Mask Wearing Dropped?
  2. Was Social Distancing stopped?

But right now, No one is saying that the Covid Vaccines are worthless. I’m not or I’ve not seen Any Information of People who are Fully Covid Vaccinated and Become Covid Infected have gotten so sick that they have Died. I’ve seen here in the Brazos County where one woman fully Vaccinated got infected with Covid and was Hospitalized. But there hasn’t been any more information about her.

I’ve written both Pfzier and Moderna about my concerns about what Information that they have gotten, but I have received no information back. Most of what I’m seeing is from Articles from Various TV Stations and Media Networks.

Looks like we are Stuck like Chuck with the Virus. How bad only time will tell?