Matthew McConaughey for Texas Governor! TEXAS, it’s Time for a Change! Join Me! Pass it along!

Matthew McConaughey ‘seriously considering’ run for Texas Governor!

Dear Fellow Texans,

Matthew said he’d let the People decide for him about running for Texas Governor. Well, if you’re Texas Born and your Got a Pair, then-

Why da Fuk Not Run for Governor of TEXAS, young man? We want you Matt!. We need you, Matt! Matthew McConaughey joins small group of stars calling for U.S. to unite behind Trump!!!! WTF?

Damn, I’m so sick of Politicians that most Texans are now considering dumping their feces on the streets. Yes. They are Shit Angry with all the Hateful Bullshit of non-stop fighting and attacking each other.

It has Got to Stop! We want Respectability and A Cool Mind in Our Texas Governor’s Office. Not a fool’s Folly.

Turning Texas loose in a Ice Storm without proper preparation is an unpardonable Sin. It’s downright Adulterous. And not Once, but TWICE turning Texas loose Unprepared in a Pandemic by OPENING UP TOO SOON IN 2020 and then WTF? doing it again in March 2021.

Is Texas being ran by a Madman?

I’m sorry, but I can read the CDC RECOMMENDATIONS as well as anyone and Texas is Blowing it. AGAIN! AGAIN I SAY! By the end of Mid-April, Texas is gonna have a slew of New Covid Hospitalizations. And Deaths too by end of May.

Who’s running Wild with All this Neanderthal Thinking?. Only one in ten have been Vaccinated against Covid. It’s a pure GOP STUNT completely illogical but Motivated by Politics.

Matthew McConaughey isn’T!. That way!

You know. Arnold did a pretty good Job for California. And I firmly believe Matthew McConaughey can do the same for Texas. He is this Old Man’s Choice. Abbott is a baby by my age. And he ain’t doing things rightly.

But Sweet Jesus, we got to get past all the Stinking LOBBYISTS who have helped put cockle-burrs under all our Saddles causing our Horses to buck us off. We got to grow a pair and get past the Dinosaur Thinking and Elect New Blood and Non-Politician Blood…

Mexican Cartels are loving the Texan Revenue $Billions who buy their Happy Smoke and for God Only Knows Legislative Crotchety Pants keep us locked in a REEFER MADNESS TIME WARP!

During, yes during 2020 and 2021, all Texans have been awoken to a New View that We feel We All Done been Getting Screwed. We are sick of Lies and Liars!

But having CANCUN as the Mexican Cartels Free Money Trade Exchange Zone has got to Stop! Going there and using most Any Drug without fear of retribution has got to END!


And these Cartels are now planning to use their $BILLIONS WE TEXANS GAVE THEM (no not all of us, but enough of us haVe) to buy up Rental Properties in Texas to get another way to Grab Texan’s Monies and it will all go directly to the Cartels! Mad, simply MAD! We buy their weed and they buy our Apartments and get the RENT MONEY TOO.

So, if you feel like I do and are certain, like I am, that something is Rotten in Denmark (aka the Texas Capitol) and Want a New FRESH START, then pass along this

Matthew McConaughey FOR TEXAS GOVERNOR! a long to your friends.


the Living Breathing James Brown, U.S. Army Veteran, author of Handgun Safety & A Panther’s Father Book Series.

Come’on, don’t you want this-

Instead of this-

Enough is Enough! Time for a New Fresh Start here in Texas!