DATE A-RAMA! Hey there Good looking! Ready to Date again?

Okay, my wife and I have been married for over 40 years. Our marriage surpassed the Test of Time. But are you ready to Date Again? Your Sexual Hormones are raging. Lol. So, maybe you and your prospective should both take this Simple Quiz Together and see if you’re right for each other. Honestly is the best Policy.


  1. How Old are you?
  2. Where do you live?
  3. Do you work? For who? Be honest.
  4. What is your Ethnic Background. I’m saying this because some newly arrived Immigrants have Cold Hard Beliefs on Relationships and Marriage outside their Religious Beliefs and might KILL the girl if she marries an Infidel. Even is caught dating one. No, I’m not talking Racist here. Just be Open-Minded and accept their Hardcore Rules.

And those are now done. Now ask the Big Questions-

  1. Are you looking to just have fun-NO SEX?
  2. Are you looking to have fun and some SEX?
  3. Are you looking to Score Only some Sex?
  4. Do you believe in Safe SEX?
  5. Are you looking for a serious Mature Relationship with a real possibility of Marriage?
  6. What Religion are You?
  7. Do you want children? If so, How many?
  8. Are you looking to get married and have kids?
  9. The Alarm Clock is Screaming and you want Kids or a kid?

Okay. There is a lot to marriage and most of it is about having a willingness to sacrifice for the Family. That is a big one. And never gonna change. This means giving up Bar Hopping and hanging out with the Boys. You’ll find out that most of your friends want what you have and they are willing to try anything to get in bed with your spouse too. Straight shooting here! It’s true. And goodbye to your marriage if you do.

NEVER OPT OUT OF SEX EVER! SEX is love Making and it is sometimes the best way to heal a fight. But never go to sleep when one of you want to have Sex. Sex can heal the strongest of disagreements that reminds both of how much each mean to each other.

NEVER take ADVICE from Single or Divorced Folks if you are Married. They’ll put stuff out their Butts. If having Issues, Use every Marriage Saving Program you can endure because if you have kids, they will love you for it. Marriage is all about the kids when you have them. Who clothed and fed your infant kids matters. And it wasn’t pretty Mr. Or Ms. single who wants what you got and they don’t care nothing about the Sacrifices the two of you have made for your kids.

Keep the Marriage Age Close because when they are 80, you’ll be 60 still wanting SEX. Bad Times for sure.

We never signed no Pre-NUP Agreement. We are Old fashioned and believe in God. family, and Country. Can’t advise no one there on that one. But Materialists might go this route if it’s an arrangement thing.

But don’t study up on Marriage. Take the Steps one at a time. It’s simple and if you both are willing to make sacrifices, it will work. But don’t let Jealousy and Greed interfere. You have to have Colette TRUST in each other.

And if just Dating, have a nice time. Don’t make it more than it should be…enjoy! 👍👍👍👍👍

And No, Hearts don’t really Break. Might feel like it at times, but they don’t. 😉👍👍👍👍