President’s Biden’s Covid Rescue Package is a “Promise Fulfilled” to the Middle Class!

 …middle-income families, those making $51,000 to $91,000 per year, will see their after-tax income rise by 5.5 percent as a result of the tax changes and stimulus payments in the legislation. The increase for that income group is about twice as generous as what it received after any previous Aid Package by past Administration.

President Biden is an actual Working Man’s President who places helping these Forgotten Warriors always in his mindset. He knows all of us Workers have carried the Load, the Weight of a sometimes bigotry of Scoundrels called Legislators. Fixing the Game for the Rich isn’t American. That Game will cost you an Election. And President Joe knows this! But this President isn’t about Doing it For Him. He is doing it for Us. All of 🇺🇸.

GOP wanting payments going to those making $250,000 and Tax Cuts for those making over One Million Dollars is surprising a Sour Note for many who took the time to see the strange and crazy Demands of Rich vs Working Class actually points to the biggest difference there is between the Two Parties. How so many suddenly believed that they roo were in some way Billionaires makes me shake my head. How? How ? I don’t get it.

But I see a human caring glowing off President Biden. He’s the Real Deal. A real War Time President ready to fix whatever is broken. And he’s not hiding or telling a pack of Lies as he goes along.

But GOP ROADBLOCKS are popping up all the Time. Why? Let the man fix that which is broken. And he will.

God Bless America.