Drunkards are Growing Drunkard Horns!

Calling All Drunkards! Follow Me to Jail!

It’s almost the weekend and your lips can’t wait to wrap around another Drink of the Devil’s BREW! Yes, for you, it’s no longer alcohol. You’ve driven right past the Good Times and with each Drink, who will you Fuk with Next? Who’s on your Hit List to Piss Off? Or have you graduated to Criminal Activities of NON-STOP HARASSMENT! WHO HAVE YOU HARASSED LATELY? A CRIME? CRIMINAL ACTIVITY? DAH! WHY HELL YEAH IT IS! Who’s BLOCKED YOUR NUMBER LATELY?


But Hell is keeping a Scorecard on you.

But why don’t you QUIT being the talk of the Family (U R U NO) and JUST QUIT DRINKING!

BUT, I still LOVE you. At least one human does. Huh?