In a Move to quickly take everyone$ mind away from the Horrible NO ELECTRICITY. NO WATER, NO FOOD week caused by Poor Preparation by the Legislative Branch but especially away from Abbott, Abbott decided to NO MASK TEXAS. It was a $16 Billion Windfall for Profiteers during that horrible week. But the horribleness of that week isn’t going away. We ain’t never gonna forget no matter what Abbott does or the Legislature does. It’s come down to just not trusting Politicians after King Trump’s Capitol ATTACK.

BUT AUSTIN. TEXAS said The Hell You Say. We ain’t gonna! And they ain’t gonna UN-MASK! They say the numbers aren’t there to unmask yet and CDC said THE HELL YOU SAY!

So, off to the Courthouses they gonna go…

I don’t Trust being around someone who isn’t wearing a MASK. No yet. And why?

Nanette Riedel-Mendez was relieved after her 95-year-old mother, who lives in a nursing home in Brenham, received the complete Pfizer Covid vaccine in January.

But weeks after Francine Riedel was inoculated, she tested positive for the coronavirus. Then she became sick and had to be hospitalized.

Yancey said nursing homes remain a high risk situation. She encourages the general public to still

WEAR MASKS, practice social distancing, avoid indoor gatherings even as more of the population gets vaccinated. 86% of the Population needs to become infected or Vaccinated to reach Herd Immunity.