‘Young Billy Young’ and ‘Billy Two Hats’-two Old West Westerns you’ll enjoy!

I love watching Old Movies from my Past. They are fun to watch and they bring back other memories from the Time Period when you originally watched them. Both have Stars you’ll remember too. Nothing is finer than a good ole Movie and fond memories. Might even remind you of when you spilled your Box of Popcorn. Lol. Do enjoy the fun.

Fleeing the scene of a gruesome gunfight in Mexico, Billy Young (Robert Walker) arrives in the small town of Lordsburg, where he is promptly deputized by local sheriff Ben Kane (Robert Mitchum). Kane takes the troubled young man under his wing, hoping to reform his lawless ways. As the bond between the two men grows stronger, Kane recruits Young for a particularly personal assignment: to help bring to justice Frank Boone (John Anderson), a vicious outlaw responsible for the death of his son.

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After a bank robbery goes wrong, outlaw Billy Two Hats (Desi Arnaz Jr.) is captured by Sheriff Gifford (Jack Warden). Billy’s partner, Arch Deans (Gregory Peck), rescues him, but during the escape Deans gets shot in the leg. The wound leaves Deans unable to ride a horse, but Billy refuses to leave him behind. Instead, he builds a horse-drawn cot for him, and they continue together. The apparatus slows them down, however, making them even more vulnerable to capture from the pursuing sheriff.