Royal Serial Killer Identity finally Released? Lol

WOW! If you Watched the Oprah Interview of Harry and Meghan, you got an unbelievable Tale revealed. Or was there? Did they finally reveal who Jack the Ripper was? No, didn’t happen. Did they do anything wrong? No, they told simple truths.

First-Off, there wasn’t a Serial Killer Identity ever revealed. It was what it was. But of course, the Interview did reveal some truths.

  1. Her Suicide Thoughts and seeking Help and found none?
  2. Skin Tint of their Son was an Issue brought up.
  3. Princess Diana struggles were consecrated again.

On the First one, I’ve been there and thought that. Not a pretty picture and add PTSD and you got a bad mixture lumped together. I know Suicide is very real. It’s so hard to discuss and so few are willing to help.

On the 2nd item. My own son and his amazing wife are in an Interracial Marriage and I cannot Lie, I worry about my grandson’s access to the same Society I was raised up in. He won’t be. And I still remember my own Uncle telling me if I ever came to his Farm with a Black Woman by my side, HE SAID HE WOULD KILL US BOTH! And he meant it. But for me, I worked and Retired from the Texas Prison System as a Correctional Officer. And the Control of the Texas Prisons started with the Czech Descendants in 1978 to Control by Black Descendants Today and when I left, Texas Prisons were rapidly coming under Control by Black Descendants from Africa. Especially From Nigeria.

And not trying to be Racists but some of the Texas Prisons are being Called Chocolate Cities. And this implies that the makeup by the Officers there are mostly from Africa who are Number Two ABOVE on the List as Meghan and Harry brought up. What? Skin Tint. Skin Color. Very dark, very Black tinted People. And for me, I found no Issues with any of them.

Our West Texas Family had already gone thru HELL as the 🇺🇸 Test Subjects of having two separate Black men live with us from Africa. And at a Racial Imploding Time Period.

Both Men were here learning Erosion Control and Farming Techniques from my Soil Scientist Father. But in the 1960s, it was a strange, it was a Rough Racial Time for us to have to Protect them. And Protect them, we did. We had too. One man was from Kenya and the others was a man from Nigeria.

But the Fine Exceptional Love Americans have for each other wasn’t at our disposal. No, instead of love, we got the Shit End of the Stick from the Town. Where? Sweetwater Texas. Taking these men, who were here on a real Mission of Hope, from our homes and to our ALL WHITE CHURCH was a Trip out of the Twilight Zone. Until this and other most memorable Events, I, being a young boy, got to see How Hateful White People could be to Black People. And it was pure Hate!

And I’m talking the Blackest of all Black men if Skin Tone or Tint was your only way to Judge another person. But these fine examples, these Ambassadors, from their Home Country, we’re fine men. One was a Captain in their Military during a Civil War. And his thoughts were always of getting back home. But they stayed and my father taught them.

And I’m so sorry, Treating Others differently just by the tint of their Skin is RACE NUMBER ONE on the Racial Profiling Issues. It damn sure is. And Brown Skinned People are On the Hit List by the Rich hence the WALL. But, how you treat someone depends on you. Only You can be a good ambassador of Race by not allowing Race to be an Issue with you.

While working at the Texas Prisons, I got to see How Skin Tint did play a part in How the Various Work Shifts aligned themselves both at work and away from work. The Darker Tinted Individuals stayed mostly together and lighter skinned did too. I was white and I worked with several Black men in Administrative Segregation. We got along fine and two are my best friends today. And my son married a Black Correctional Officer’s daughter. My ability to get along with all the Blacks was partially because I didn’t wear Race on my Sleeves. It had become a non-thing for me. But I had to grow up very quickly. Being Non-Racist was forced on me by my father. All of our Family got to see the Real World of White Hatred towards Black People. And its damn ugly.

But this Race Tint is an Issue for Whites and Blacks in their own “Self-Centered Pro Keep the Races Pure” thoughts. Not for all, but for many. Most treat the Darkest skin the worst. But why? Makes no sense to me now, but I already experienced Dead Animals in our yard and the eggings on our cars and house and Hateful words painted on our House. All because of the two men from Africa living with us.

But how Our own Church reacted was Open Willful Racism-my Deacon Father had to address the whole Church and He explained that this New. Experimental Government Program was there to Stay and that these men were our Guests. Guests of America. And all Tourists are Guests of America.

But when the Race Issue enters a Family today, it is what it is. I’m talking about when your son or daughter brings another Race, a person of another Race, into your home. Then, you’ll find out where your thoughts and heart is on Race Issues. The Truth. And families must adjust to this because your son or daughter is still your Blood and either you grow with this new development or it will destroy you. Be Strong and be there for your Family and your New Family. It’s okay.

But one book, one Article is not going to get you to that place where you can say you’re okay with Race in your own Family. Until Race walks thru your front door, it’s someone else’s Issue. Their problems? In other words, until you share your food and go to their funerals, you are not as connected as you say you are. And I’m sorry if writing this in a straight forward manner bothers you, but I’m sick of Race Loving Bigots hiding their Racial Hatreds behind closed doors. Saying one thing and actually being the Opposite.

But when Harry and Meghan brought up the Racial Tint up in the Oprah Interview, I smiled and shook my head-If you only knew. And knowing the truth of Race and Racial inequalities isn’t in the realm of certain Institutions just like asking a Billionaire to understand you when they’ve never physically done much of anything for themselves except talk and eat and sleep and shower and go to the bathroom. The usual human required stuff, while all the other is done by Paid Servants. Money Making is their Number One Goal. Not solving Race Issues.

And the Interview only reaffirmed all of the Tragedy of Princess Diana’s Royal Plight. Of course, I’m only talking about what I’ve seen on TV and read. Nothing from personal knowledge.

But was the Interview a Castration of the Royal Institution of Royalty? No, nothing of the such. Sure. It did identify some flaws, but these flaws appear more inherent from people who are brought into the family from Outside the Royal Bloodline. And it does remind me of a family in West Texas that has a Blood Disorder from breeding within the family like a herd of Cows and Bulls in the same Here. Outside Blood has to be brought in from time to time to help fix their blood disorder. Talk about keeping Outsiders out.

But Now it has been said and time to move on. The Oprah Interview has been done and what was said was said and two weeks later. It won’t much matter because people will have moved onto another Topic more interesting. Like a 2nd Stimulus Check that some are already trying to give a past President all the Credit for that. Nothing is farther from the Truth. President Biden and Company did it.

But Race and How you reside with it begins and ends with you. No, not with your neighbor. Not with your Preacher. But with you. Within you. And again, until you are brought into the Circle, the full Circle of Race actually entering your Family, you will only have an Opinion on How you might be with it. But when an Interracial Affair or Marriage and Children TAKE place in your Family will you truly find your own Heart. I pray that you grow with it and never against it. You cannot dictate Love or How you want your Life to always be. Changes happen when you least expect them.

Be a good Person full of love and kindness.