Nothing, absolutely Nothing explains any of this. Murder is Murder!

Nothing explains it. Nothing Justifies it. Murder done in such a Cruel Manner remains beyond my own ability to WATCH IT. And I will never accept it. It was horrible and always will be. But,

I’m glad I’m not having to sit in the Jury for George Floyd’s Murder TRIAL or any Jury where such an Act like this took place. It is and will for all times remain yet another Horrific Moment stained into America’s Book of Racial Injustices!

WATCH IT? WE MUST! We can never Forget!

The Judge has stalled the Trial so a 3rd Degree Murder Charge can be offered to a Jury. But doesn’t that tell everyone that this 3rd Degree Murder Charge is what it will now be? I bet it will be if the Appeals Court Rules it can be used in this Trial.

There are points still bothering me greatly.

  1. A Black Person is killed by a White Cop.
  2. As a Retired Texas Prison Guard, I never once saw anyone use a knee on an Offender’s Neck. Never Ever! I find the Knee on the Neck Tactic a Strange Piece of Barbaric Usage. It’s very Odd to me.
  3. Why oh why oh why was George Floyd put in the back of a Patrol Car and then pulled back out? Was this an Intentional Act to Send a Message to That Particular Neighborhood? In other words, did they knowingly go to the Knee on the Neck just to Show that Neighborhood the Power that they Had over Blacks?
  4. In the latter Body Cam Video, George Floyd is seen begging to Not be Shot by these Cops. While he is still sitting in his own Car. It another hard and difficult part to watch, to View.

Let me say-I am White and I have a grandson who is Mixed Race and these constant examples of Police Brutality and Minorities being Are-

  1. Stopped and Arrested more than EVER! Hell Texas is maybe the Greatest Racial Profiling State of All and so Bad that they Don’t even Report Race.
  2. Being Imprisoned more than any.
  3. Being Falsely Accused and Tried and Imprisoned because of some White Hate Cops-Cops who appear to Hate Blacks.

But as a Grandfather, all of these Murders alarms me. My Black Friends have warned me of the BULLSHIT of A Double Standard that my grandson will be subjected to. The same BULLSHIT that they are subjected to. And there are Cops that obviously Hate Blacks. But I bet these same individuals who would kill a Black Person would also kill anyone of us. They have got some form of Power Disease in their Heads where they Believe they have gotten Power Above all of Us. Power Over Us.

An Excuse? Hell No! Bad Behavior is NOT Excusable!

One phrase still pisses me off a Cop once told me-Ignorance of the Law is No Excuse. This wholly says Hey, I’m still gonna find some way to Fuk with You!


Understanding the George Floyd Case-

  • On May 25, 2020, Minneapolis police officers arrested George Floyd, a 46-year-old Black man, after a convenience store clerk claimed he used a counterfeit $20 bill to buy cigarettes.
  • Mr. Floyd died after Derek Chauvin, one of the police officers, handcuffed him and pinned him to the ground with a knee, an episode that was captured on video.
  • Mr. Floyd’s death set off a series of nationwide protests against police brutality.
  • Mr. Chauvin was fired from Minneapolis police force along with three other officers. He has been charged with second-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter and now faces trial, which begins on March 8.
  • Here is what we know up to this point in the case, and how the trial is expected to unfold.

Such a Horrific Event to see. And it will never go Away. God Bless George Floyd and his Family. And God Bless any of you that have or will have a Bad Encounter with a Police Officer who Racially Profiled You. Be Strong. Remember, you have to get past the 1st Incident before taking it to a 2nd and Proper Incident of Filing against the Law Enforcement Officer and/or their Department also. The Original Bad Behavior may rest with a Police Department teaching Racial Profiling Tactics.

Don’t ever escalate the situation. We can’t be the fuel for their bad Acting…don’t do it.