Okay Texans, it’s time to get the ‘dumb’ out of Dumbass!

February 2021 Ice Storm came in with a Vengeance. I still have three fingers healing from being burned during this Storm. But I should NEVER been in a position to get burned if I had only taken ‘dumb’ out of my own ‘dumbass’ way of doing something. And that something is you can call me Dumbass once and it’s on me. But I’ll be Dammed if you’ll call me that twice. And my Dumb came from not having a Back-up Plan for my own Home’s Having no Backup Generator.

Well Hell, in all my life, I didn’t know I needed one until last month. But my fingers aren’t going to let me forget. I burned them on a flat grill that came back on after the power came back on 8 hours later. Yep, the light that says it’s on is barely visible and not like a Stove.

But let’s now get smart and fix our Back-up Plan cause if you think the State is gonna fix it for any of us, you’re sadly mistaken. Energy Lobbyists Monies will keep it broken. But if you can and have a way to prepare for the next Electric Power Outage, you and I and all of the ones not ‘hooked-up’ to a Priority One Line where Hospitals are, you’re gonna lose Power again. And We Need a Plan! So what are we looking at doing?

You can run the most critical household equipment with a generator rated at 5,000 to 7,500 watts. These include things like a well pump, refrigerator and freezer, and lighting circuits. A generator with around 7500 running watts can run all these appliances at once. For RV, a 3000 – 4000-watt generator would be ideal. So, you now kind of know what you need.

  1. A Portable Generator.
  2. A place to store it or a place to have it set-up.

Now here are two types-


Okay, you see two different types. For most people, I’d opt to pay more and get a portable generator that uses two different fuels and is ELECTRIC START. The Above one or latter type is the type most can afford and most will buy or Wished that they had bought when their Electricity goes off for Days and your little nutts and butts are COLD!

Okay, the First type I showed is a type that comes with installation and such. But like most Texans, you’ll Opt for the 2nd type. Okay, the 2nd is one of two we used in the Oilfield and the other is this type-

Now, the above weren’t the ones we used in the 1980s by the Company I worked for.

But we Found a Flaw!

You HAVE TO CHANGE THE OIL in the Motor. And we had to change the Oil every time it ran out of Gasoline. It was an inconvenience and maybe just a little bit Overboard on Maintenance. BUT WHATEVER your OPERATION MANUAL says to do, DO IT!

Now comes for two other things that you need to consider.

  1. Where to Store it?
  2. Where to place it when you are Running it.

But here are two other things to consider-

  2. Have Stored FUEL and OIL and Air Filter for your Generator.

The Extension Cord thing is IMPORTANT. They aren’t CHEAP! It has to be RATED for both the Generator and the Device you’ll be plugging it into. Below is just one from Amazon.

But 30A Rated Cords and Rated for OUTDOORS is a good thing to look for…and they are not CHEAP!

So, you finally take the plunge. You buy a Generator, the fuels, oil, oil filter, and all the PROPER Extextion Cords you’ll need.

And here comes the BIG QUESTION-

Where will Your Generator be RUNNING when you USE it? This is very important and where you run it is important. Why?

DEADLY EXHAUST FUMES CAN KILL or Injure you or your Family!

So, you’re in your home and your Electricity is OUT and it’s another ICE STORM. So, what are you going to USE it on? Run what with it?

  1. Small Heater or Heated Blanket.
  2. TV.
  3. WIFI.
  6. Lamp.

Okay, figure that last stuff out as you go. But planning ahead will make a difference. Might be a Big Difference!