Are We Truly Ready for Life to be found on MARS?

Life? Or the Existence of Life? But what might that say to any of us? Would we-

  1. Be Happy.
  2. Be Ecstatic.
  3. Be Scared?
  4. Be Confused?
  5. Believe in God?
  6. Don’t believe nothing, so no big Deal.
  7. Be Amazed?

Now nothing is gonna put a bigger bite out of your Bologna Sandwich than News, actual proof of something found by Perseverance Rover.

And how about a Tall Glass of Ice Cold Beer and then that News hits you?

What the Heck? What kind of Life? A skeleton? A finger or toe of a Martian. Holy Smoley.

Now, What a twist to your mind is that going to be? Maybe a huge Sale of Telescopes by everyone looking up in the sky for more Life. And with a Zillion Satellites up in Space, there most likely was sent some tiny itty bitty living organisms on some of them. But nothing to worry about unless in a million years they get back to to Earth and grow into a Super Human Being 12′ tall and super smart.

Like under which one of these stones might Life be hiding? Or Sperm Fossils? Yes, what is waiting for us to find?

Right now. There is a 99% Betting Pool at NASA saying Life will be found this year on Mars. The Money Pot is already past $100,000. So, there must be something secret that we ain’t been told yet. But what do you think?

Finding something Dead or Alive on Mars? Maybe Las Vegas needs to start a Betting Pool and see How High it would go. Most would Drop a buck on that kind of BET.

Good Luck NASA!