“Your Children Are Well-Behaved”

“Your Children Are Well-Behaved,” per me. Me is the Living Breathing James Brown. Has it been a long time since anyone of you fine Ladies have been given a Compliment? Well, “Your Children Are Well-Behaved” is about as good as they get and I mean it. My giving ofthis Blessed Moment of Love to each one of you. I sincerely Appreciate all that you do.

Tonight, I watched as a new News Report reporting that Working Women are facing discouraging Views about Job Climbing by lowering your expectations. DON’T go there. This Pandemic is preparing each one of you to grow a new Layer of Family Protection Fortitude which only amplifies your Ability to Achieve. You’re a Survivalist. And your strong, powerful Will is overcoming the very Worst that Nature can throw at you. You did it and continue to do it.

What you have accomplished is absolutely equivalent to the Iron Women of WWII who took to the Factories building War Needs. Please, don’t settle for anything less than what you have already achieved, your New Worth, and Plan your Future Plan and GO FOR IT!

Think Strong, Be Strong. You Are!

I came from a poor family. I mean really poor. In order to survive, my father got Beef Bones for FREE from the local Butcher. And on one evening, I saw him back the family 1959 2-dr Biscayne Chevy up to the Garage. And then he Opened the Big Trunk, then he pulled out a large burlap bag almost as big as himself filled with these Cow Bones of varying sizes. He then walked over to a table and I watched from the doorway as he started removing them one by one from the bag.

Then, he used a knife to scrap any tiny of the tiniest Amount of neat and parts of veins and tendons from these bones. And each tiny part, he’d put in a large metal washing bowl. He did this over and over until he had scrapped the bones until they were all just mostly white.

Then, he moved the pan to a higher shelf and off the table. Next, he put each bone into an old carpenter wooden Vise. The kind that has a large circular Wheel to Open or Close the wooden Vise. And he’d Open the Vise and hold the bone in place in it and then TURN the wheel to CLOSE the Vise Arms.

And this broke the bones. And once they were broken, he would OPEN the VISE and put the Broken Bones on the table. Then he had a curved funny looking knife thing and then he scrapped all the Bone Marrow out of the Bones.

And he did this over and over again until he had a good pile of Bone Marrow on the Table. Then, he got the Big Pan and scrapped all the Bone Marrow into that large pan. Then he squeezed his hands Over and over in the pile of Bone Scrappings and Bone Marrow until it looked kind of pink-like stiff stuff. And then he started putting the Stuff into small paper bags. Then he put all of it into a bigger Pan and picked it up and turned to leave.

Next, I saw a look of painful regret as my father’s and my eyes made Contact.

“Don’t say nothing to your brothers or Sister what you Saw. No one needs to know Our Secret Brown Family Meat Recipe.”

And I just remember of saying nothing. But until now, I never told about this one thing my father was doing to feed our family of six. He was a Provider. And the other thing we’d do is get grain from local Farmers out of their Feed Bins that they used to Feed their Cows and Livestock with. We’d use burlap sacks and my brothers and sister never knew we were getting FREE FOOD meant for Livestock. Tough Times require tough measures. All in the name of Surviving or NOT.

But people shake their heads when I tell them my brothers and I started Mowing Yards in the 1st Grade. We were that poor and we never saw none of that money. Later we started getting part of the Money when we were in the 6th Grade. But being Poor reminds me of Our Family’s own Poor Pandemic that we had to get thru first. And now, we’re in a real one.. But both are all about learning How to Survive.

But Ladies, my mother and grandmother both were strong women and they taught us how to survive. But don’t let these Times grow into insurmountable difficulties. You have got your Family thru the 1st Year! And that deserves a MEDAL OF GREAT ACHIEVEMENT and GREAT APPRECIATION.

So, Salute to all of you and keep up all of the Good Work. Your Endeavors are appreciated. Thank You.