Most of 🇺🇸 doesn’t give a Hoot about How They VOTE as long as they Get to VOTE! Various Voting Rights Acts gave a lot of 🇺🇸 that simple Right to VOTE. And do you care? It all comes down to that question. We cannot allow Voting Rights to be changed just so One Political Party Wins all the Races. That’s Banana Republic Politics. And is that the Legacy you wanna leave your grandchildren? Pass on only Your Decisions? But what if they are Bad ones? Give them maybe Your self-centered Corruptions? You’re already giving an Unhealthy Climate to future kids where even the Ocean Fish will soon have too much Mercury in them making the fish impossible for Human Consumption. But you say, I didn’t do THAT. But damn Skippy, you did. So did all of 🇺🇸. What the Heck do you think we were pouring up those Tall Smoke StACks at all of these Coal Fired Plants? MERCURY BABY! Lots and lots of Mercury. And down the Rivers and into the Oceans it goes.

Texas screams what a fantastic World Oil is while Texas Citizens have the poorest quality Air of all States because of Oil Well Fire Venting and being Flared sending highly carcinogenic Benzene into Our Air we breathe. And higher levels of Hydrogen Sulfide now allowed in Our Gasoline puts out H2S and H2SO4 into the Air out the exhaust tail pipes. But they Approved it because No One Cares. People, there is a very Ugly Side of the Oil Industry that gets Overlooked. Because no one Cares as long as you get your Gasoline. Doesn’t matter what conditions people suffer living near the Oil Refineries. They are mostly prone to Cancer and other Diseases. But who Cares? You don’t. No one does but the ones dying of Cancer. But what really keeps the Ugly out of the News? Dark Money Does! Money that hides secret deals. Secret handshakes you and I will never see. Secret winks of future corrupt deals. But who Cares? Who’s watching out for your kids and grandkids? No one is…not really. Sure seems a whole lot of Corruption done already got done. And lots more to come because you don’t care. So, why do you…?

But, there are very evil, greedy people out there who want everything and especially Your Voting Rights. But ultimately, it comes down to whether you C A R E. Well, do you? You should. But one of the darkest secrets is DARK MONEY! Hiding suspiciously and highly questionable Money from even Foreign Governments such as Saudi Arabia and Russia and Iran and China and Betting Industry and Drug Money using Crypto Currency is just part of the Dark Money that continues to be presently hidden from you and me. From all of 🇺🇸. We need to know. We have that right. Don’t we? Millions in Dark Money.


The 791-page bill, designated H.R. 1 by Democrats to reflect its importance to their agenda, would also eliminate partisan gerrymandering, impose new transparency on dark money used to finance campaigns, tighten government ethics standards and create a public financing option for congressional campaigns. The prominence of the debate demonstrated the immense stakes of the fight over election laws, both for how Americans exercise their right to vote and how both parties aggregate political power. While Congress has worked for decades to expand access to the ballot, often with bipartisan support, the issue has become a sharply partisan one in recent years, as shifting demographics and political coalitions have led Republicans to conclude that they benefit from lower voter participation rates, particularly around cities.