“We Opened too quickly”-haunting Texas words from June 2020.

Just in Time for Spring Break 2021! Yahoo! TEXAS is going MASK-FREE ZONE? WTF?


“We Opened too quickly”-haunting Texas words from June 2020.

“We don’t need these here in Texas.” And if he takes his Off, no one needs to wear them? Right? RIGHT?

Well, Hell, if Texans start Dying of Covid again, won’t no one remember about Our poor Performances during the February 2021 Ice Storm…people are stupid that way…well, are we Texans?

Hey Daddy Trump, we’re doing this just for you! If you like Investments, Invest in Coffins. Texas’s Wholesale Coffins made in MEXICO.

State Coffers needing money? Desperately! Coffers are dying for Monies! And what will the Media be saying about why Texas has to Shutdown again in 2021?

But…in 2020 when Texas Re-Opened-


But in 2020-

State shuts down again after seven weeks with coronavirus cases soaring, after ignoring inconvenient data and fighting party-political turf wars.

Folks, we were here before in this exact spot in 2020, and the Jury said Texas Re-Opened too soon!

“When you look at the job he’s done in Texas, I rely on his judgment,” Trump said.

Seven weeks later, as the state once again closes businesses with virus cases skyrocketing and hospitals running out of intensive-care beds, Texas indeed appears to be a model: for how to squander a hopeful position through premature reopening, ignoring inconvenient data and fighting party-political turf wars.

So, once again, what’s going to happen? Hell if I know. But by end of April or May or June, we’ll know. But some time now. I haven’t been able to find any Covid Cases Numbers per day, per week, or month being reported here in Texas. But one thing is for sure, ICU Bed Occupancy sure doesn’t lie. And our Texas County has just dropped below 100% ICU BED Occupancy. But when it went over 100%, the Death Numbers did too.


So, next Wednesday, MASK WEARING IS GONE? WTF? ALL BUSINESSES are good to go at 100%.

Just in Time for Spring Break!

Okay, Abbott, are you taking Texas down the same Rabbit Hole again for a 2nd time? We’ll soon see.

My gut fear is that we’re doing this two-three months early. We’re not following the Science again just like in 2020. And dang, during Spring Break is one hell of a time to throw the MASKS out! But we can be happy or shake our heads.

I’m sick of the Pandemic, but more sick of disappointing Decisions. I’m thinking too early. We have the lowest Flu numbers too. But did MASKS help this happen? Social Distancing? Or both or neither?

I don’t see how people can Politicize this. See, our side Wins! No, some Texans are going to Die! I’ve had friends die of Covid and it’s not a happy thought.


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