I hate Articles that Report Bipartisan Feverish Remarks bolstering Division.

If you got something to say, Say it. But you exhibit Potty Mouth When you also must Report How many are either Democrat and how many are Republican. But why?

VIEWERS! READERS! To add never-ending fuel to the Division Rhetoric War!

Right now, all of us need a Fresh, New Way out of all the Past of 2020 and 2021. When I write something, I don’t crawfish onto other things to seek put a certain Audience. I write to everyone and I’m not always right because I do write with an Opinion. We all have Opinions.

But this could be said to be pouring Salt into an open wound.

But in the Next Article, the unnecessary words of Political Assignment only adds to Fueling words of Its gonna be Rigged! Automatically! Like it’s words to Fuel a Witch Hunt. Or cause what?

Just saying what the meat of the Issue is all that is required. But someone’s Political Opinion or Trump Base Rhetoric comes out shining. Read it. You’ll see.

And if someone broke the Law, then find it without possibly spewing Fuel onto another Riot Situation where these Public Officials are Attacked or could be Attacked. This was an ACTION ALERT? A Call for Harassment? Yes, it could be.

To fully understand How bad people can get, watch USS INDIANAPOLIS on Netflix. Then pay close ATTENTION to what happens to the Captain by the Public.

Go ahead and try this one-


Did you see the words not needed? Words that may have gone too far?

Can we please just concentrate on the Pandemic? We must beat this Virus! All of 🇺🇸! And will of the 🌎!

By May, America will have enough Vaccines for all Americans. I pray that all of these manufacturers continue making their Vaccines and Make them available to the entire 🌎!