There is a hard-look Haunting! Let’s take a peep, shall we? Look at 1930 and 1933 and 1934.

Let’s play Play-Pretend.

1930 becomes 2021. Trump Creates SUPER PAC!

1933 becomes 2025 and Trump Retakes Power

1934 becomes 2026 and Trump and GOP Congress passes Enabling Act and Trump becomes President for 8 years. He says he is President, but he is, in fact, America’s First Dictator and says he won’t release Power in 8 years. His saying he’ll stay President (which is a Dictator) until he Dies suddenly does not sit well with anyone. But-

The Enabling Act passes thru GOP-Held Congress in 3 hours.

Angry Democrat Legislators leave the U.S. CAPITOL not to ever Return!

Trump signs it in the same day. Many think it’s all a Joke and the GOP Trump Base love it, but not for long.

People are Stunned. It passed? People grow Angry…even GOP members are upset not realizing that they have allowed a Dictatorship.

2026 becomes a Planning Year. Stock Market Collapses.

2027 is Launch of New RED & BLUE Civil War.

Sixty Million Die in Civil War. Trump has Vice-President Cruz launch Nuclear Weapons on LA and NYC and El Paso and Miami.

British and Russian Troops fight in California. And in Florida.

American Troops finally oust Russian Troops.

GOP and DEMOCRAT Parties are dissolved at every level.

Trump is hanged by MOB on WH Front Balcony? Cruz is hanged in Cancun.

Union is dissolved and States join each other in smaller Groups forming their own Countries. America is no more. Alaska, Maine, Louisiana, and Hawaii become their own Countries. Texas joins Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Nebraska, South and North Dakota for their own and biggest Country. New York becomes part of the UK.

It is a sad time with lots of looting and stealing. No one Trusts each other ever again. 85 million more die of hunger.

But it’s just Play-Pretend. Yet sadly, some of this might happen if certain things happen….