Shark Bait!

On July 30, 1945, the USS Indianapolis is torpedoed by a Japanese submarine and sinks within minutes in shark-infested waters. Only 316 of the 1,196 men on board survived. However, the Indianapolis had already completed its major mission: the delivery of key components of the atomic bomb that would be dropped a week later at Hiroshima to Tinian Island in the South Pacific.

Shortly before 12:15 a.m., this Japanese submarine, I-58, which was commanded by Mochitsura Hashimoto, fired six Type 95 torpedoes at the Indianapolis.

At Sasebo, Japan, 28 January 1946. This submarine torpedoed and sank USS Indianapolis (CA-35) on 30 July 1945 I-58
Japanese I-58 submarine. 

Here’s a shot of the I-58’s forward torpedo room in 1946.

View in the forward torpedo room, showing 21-inch torpedo tubes and three crew members. Taken at Sasebo, Japan, 28 January 1946. This submarine torpedoed and sank USS Indianapolis (CA-35) on 30 July 1945.

The first torpedo hit the Indianapolis’ starboard bow. The second hit the middle of the ship, igniting the fuel tank. The ship sank about 12 minutes after getting struck.

About 300 sailors and Marines were trapped inside and went down with the ship. Approximately 900 survivors wouldn’t be rescued for about four days because the ship’s distress call was thought to have been a Japanese ambush.

The U.S. Navy heavy cruiser USS Indianapolis (CA-35) off the Mare Island Naval Shipyard, California (USA), on 10 July 1945, after her final overhaul and repair of combat damage. The photo was taken before the ship delivered atomic bomb components to Tinian and just 20 days before she was sunk by a Japanese submarine.
The USS Indianapolis off the Mare Island Naval Shipyard, California, on 10 July 1945. 

Subjected to dehydration, heat, delirium from drinking salt water, and sharks, only 316 sailors would survive the four days in the water.

The above came from the Site listed above. This is such an intriguing twist of fate for the Ship that transported an Atomic Bomb to be used on Japan. Their Use will always carry hatred, but functionality by bringing the War to a quick End. Too many Died on both sides.

USS INDIANAPOLIS is a Movie on Netflix right now and it is haunting. But after the Rescue of those who didn’t die in the Waters, there came about Public Attacks against the Captain. Attacks that never ended until he Committed Suicide. And a Court-Marshal. Twice denied an Escort of fellow Military Ships and no Sonar, the Media beat the man into Shark Bait. Not unlike the Trollers and Crippling Media once unleashed upon a person.

It’s worth a Watch to view the Movie and to Read about this tragic American Tale.