Don’t give up on Time Travel!

Traveling in Time. Wanna go? Wanna be the First? Well now, step right up into the Unknown. CERNS won’t get you there. It might cause a Black Hole, but not the Time thing.

Wanna go to MARS? Wanna go? Wanna be the First? Well now, step right up into the Unknown. But you won’t be coming back or it’ll take sixteen years to get you back to just walking again when you return. You’ll be a big pile of bones and Jello by the time you get back. If you get back.

But Time Travel is a very risky proposal. It can be done. But not like many think. And the way it must be done could cause something really bad to take place. Two Issues-

  1. Can’t get back to your exact time.
  2. Might Open the Thin Veil between a Parallel Universe.
  3. WTH?

Okay, let’s look at Number One. A Time Jump is similar to breaking the Speed of Sound. But to get back, you must get back to the exact Spot where it took place. The absolutely exact same Spot where you made the Jump is Critical. But different spot and you’ll get back to a different Time Period. Opps! Very much a big Opps! But you’ll also be spraying out a Ray in front of the Ship to dissipate the Particles ahead of your ship.

But while doing this. Too much or too fast and Bingo, the Hidden Thin Veil will Open and suck you and your ship in. And getting back from there is a monstrous Dilemma. Their Physics are slightly different. What works here is not going to get you back. Someone from this side would have to Open it for you. And at the exact same spot you got sucked in. And flying here up in the sky and you Jump, enter the other side, well. Finish your Life there. Cause you won’t ever make it back. The Odds are greater than the longest long shot of all times.

But don’t give up on your dreams. Someone reading this may make Jumping in and out of Time Periods possible.

I know, many would just like to go into the future where their Cancer might get Cured.

A Stationary Time Ring would greatly help like in ways similar to the Kurt Russell Time Travel Movie where they went to the Pyramids. But in space or in the sky and not on Earth. But many would pay to go to the other side fully knowing they would never come back. Give all they had to go take a look into the Unkown. Rich person here and Rich there too? Who knows?