Was there a “Money Grabbing Conspiracy” behind last Week’s $9000 MW per Hour Texas Grid Power Fiasco?

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Macquarie earned a windfall when the deep freeze in Texas sent energy markets into a tailspin


What did Last Week’s Ice Storm Cost Texas Electric Utility Users?

$50.6 Billion Dollars instead of $4.2 Billion.

So, some Investors scored $46. 4 Billion Dollars!!!

As the weeks unfold ahead of us, all Texans are going to learn that Our Electric Grid run by ERCOT isn’t nothing more than a “Open Financial Market” open to World Investors making Monies on all of Texas. And we are now finding out who WON Big Money at the Cost of Texans and their Pocketbooks and Savings.

It’s Money that has got to be Paid. 67,000 Megawatts × $9000 each hour is $603 Million Dollars per Hour. ERCOT RULES allow a $9000 per Megawatt Hour when Demand grows larger than Supply. And Supply is Critical. And it Cost Texas Consumers $46.4 Billion.

And what is a Bigger Question is this-Was there a Conspiracy to Get the Price to $9000 Megawatt per Hour by deliberately withholding Electrical Output during last week’s Ice Storm? If certain Electric Power Making Units were Held back, possibly held back by World Banks or a Conspiracy, then the $9000 ERCOT Cost Rate could be achieved very quickly. And no one would have ever even looked this way simply blaming all of it on an Ice Storm and ignoring the Human Greed Factor. Any Guessing would only be guessing, but it’s something that could have or can again take place because-

  1. ERCOT MEMBERS live Out of State.
  2. Big Money promotes Big Crime.

No one wants to go there, but I find it highly likely that some Money Grabbing was planned by withholding Electric Grid Power until ERCOT raised the Amount To Be Paid to the Highest Level Allowed of $9000 per MW per Hour. It had to be. I don’t believe nearly as much was God’s Will as many are saying and more likely caused by Man’s Greed.

TEXAS, We got Screwed! Some gonna be feeling like broken Glass in that Ass when you see Your Electric Bill.

Conspiracy? We must Know the whole Truth.


ERCOT board members who live outside of Texas resign in the aftermath of the power outage, winter storm

How did they become ERCOT BOARD Members in the First Place? Conspiracy and Laziness are both good things to Checkout.