Is Bill Gates actually a Humanoid Cyborg Robot?

People are rumoring and People are saying that they are beginning to see disturbing Signs that the Public Bill Gates is actually a Humanoid Cyborg Robot. One that he Operates from his own Safe Distance Area.

It’s funny. I can still remember the weird smell that TV tubes made in the back of the Old Tv’s. And these TV Tubes you could buy at a Store which helped you identify which Tube was burned out. But that smell was unlike any smell you’d ever smell. Fresh Radiation? Yes, they put out a little and grandparents told us to not sit close to those now Ancient Tv’s. And they were big and heavy. Some required three to move it.

But haven’t you wondered if Man has advanced to the point where we can be fooled by a Fake Bill Gates? You say NO. But others are saying YES.

But, would they tell us when they have perfected the Process? Remote Controlled ones? No, most likely not. But look very closely at the photo.

Look closer at the Head Area. Is that A.I. at its highest level of Achievement? Hmm…the Jury is out. But close studying does indicate an outstanding Full Humanoid Cyborg Robot. One that will live a thousand years. Eating nothing but the electron-generator gobbling up those electrons being released they CLASSIFIED TECHNOLOGY.

But the biggest Question is whether it is fully Autonomous? Or does it require Intellectual Thought? Yes. Are their Technicians running it from a Control Lab and if so, from how far away? His slower Responses to Questions suggests that it is from a great distance.

But if it’s true, it’s an amazing Truth. A truth of Astronauts that could be sent anywhere in the Galaxy. Yes, it could be. Hmm…very puzzling. Hmm…very fascinating.