TEXANS! Are you still Pissed by this NO ELECTRICITY ORDEAL?

But we can fix this!

  1. Create EMERGENCY ALERT SYSTEM that will Alert all of us in Real-Time of Electricity going OUT! And when it’s gonna be back ON and for How LONG! Simple Texts to our phones would do the Trick.
  2. Require all Grid Users to have a EMERGENCY BACKUP PLAN of a GENERATOR that will produce 5-50 Megawatts using all three of these Fuels-Propane or Butane or Diesel. And a Mandatory TEN DAY SUPPLY of all three for each Generator.
  3. And a Monthly Test of each Generator must be in place and be Reported.
  4. These Easy to Install with Fuel Storage is very Doable. Every decent size City needs at least one to ten 50 MW Units. Had they been in place, all together, these EMERGENCY ONLY UNITS would have saved the Day.
5 MEGAWATT Diesel Generator

There are 50 Megawatt Units that can and must be put in place to prevent another Diabolical Eruption in Power here in Texas in February, 2021.

If these had been ready to Use, Texas would have been fine, but now, billions are going to be needed to pay for all of the Damage caused by this Outage of Power.

These are Two Simple and Greatly Needed things and they can help Prevent a Nightmare NO ELECTRICITY ORDEAL for Generations to come!

I Retired from a 500 MW Unit and we lost our Unit in December 1989 due to a Terrible Ice Storm too.


I know what is needed. We discussed it back in 1989 and NOTHING was done. This doesn’t need an OMG! Solution. These Portable Units placed in Ideal Locations is Critical.

A 3000 MW EMERGENCY BACKUP PLAN would call for 60 of these 50MW Units. This isn’t a Big Deal and is Proactive.

Take Bryan, Texas. This City had to cut POWER to enough Homes to Provide for a 100MW Loss of Grid Power. Two of these Units would have completely fixed this Situation.

  1. No Electricity.
  2. No Water.
  3. No Food.
  4. No place Offering Bottled Water. I went in four Stores and there was NONE!

WORSE SCREW JOB in a very long time!!!