Toughest Decisions Once Made Only to be Rescinded?

Youngsters, I bet you have never sat in your Car for three hours waiting to Buy ONLY 10 Gallons of Gasoline. Well, I have and it’s a Memory you’ll never forget. And oh yeah, back then, people had Gas siphoning Hoses in their Car in case they needed to steal some gasoline from yours. And when was that? Later part of the 1970’s.

Like ALWAYS, the Middle East was in one of its perpetual Wars. Yes. There will never be Peace where men have shit on their hands. Wipe a Shitty Butt with one. Eat with the other. But sure. You can spend a Lifetime about all the Wars and read the causes for them. And America has been warned since as far back as I can remember, Stay Out of Middle Eastern Wars. But when people don’t study their History, then bad things happen. And even Today, we were warned about going into Iraq by the King of Jordan.

OPEC will reduce oil production by five percent a month until the Israelis withdraw from occupied territories.

Folks. There are real Oil Players in the Middle East with unbelievable Reserves! I saw here in Texas how we once allowed a Well to produce steadily over 30 years. Now, they Deliver the Reserves by Raping the Wells.. MAX-FLOW! Flow until we plug them. Now. A well 8s doing good if it lasts 5-10 years. Or less.

Big Question-Will we kill Out our Children’s Future?

When do we take Notice and realize Our Actions do indeed have Consequences?

The Proven Rich have only One Goal-To Get Richer. And they decide everything for all of 🇺🇸.