CANCUN, MEXICO! Cartel Entrapment Zone!

Drugs, Young People, And Cartel Connections and Drug Laundering Capitol of the World. Mostly a Safe Haven for What Happens in Cancun, Stays in Caccun, if you Do Us a Cartel a Little Favor.

And that favor required might be a Lifetime investment depending on How Deviant Your Lusts Are. Lustful Behavior of 13 or 14-year Old Bed Partners? Yes, every deviant behavior of most Ones seeking disgusting sexual desires. But the lure of ALMOST FREE Cartel Money for a lustful Vanity Run could be just waiting for you. And once you take the bite of that Mexican Money Apple, they got you addicted to it. And by that time, who Cares,? Afterall, the Cartel paid for the Lear Jet that picked you up at a private Airstrip and transported you to and fro their little World of Fun Under the Sun. And the Cartel owns the Policia.

And depending as to if you can do them bigger favors, they’ll put a truck load of Drug Money in the Plane or in a hidden Account at a Bank that they own. With Promises of Never Getting Caught. Even regardless of the Attorney General’s Investigation coming. And the Cartel isn’t afraid of you. Hey, it’s what they do and when one fish or sucker Erica or Texan is caught, another two are recruited in.

It’s why Marijuana isn’t going to go Legal in Texas because of Cartel Corruption done caught some big fish. And that keeps the Money in Mexico and More Money for Corruption to give out catching more Fish. But having SEX with kids under 16 is pure Deviant Sick Behavior carrying Prison Terms in America in Texas but okay in Mexico? WTH?

Now, sure. It seems pretty cool if you a fool. But what happened the Cartel doesn’t like you?

They cut your frigging Head Off. And is your Head gonna fly? And they were so very nice to leave a Message with the Heads-

The warning message read, ‘Antonio Villalobos, Julio Moreno, Nesguer Ignacio Vicencio Mendez, keep on selling the state to (CJNG-Jalisco New Generation Cartel) sons of b*****s, you are going to die!’

A relative of Yours?

Quintana Roo Attorney General Oscar Montes de Oca told a press conference that the people…were planning to establish a Center of Operations for the Cartel in the popular tourist destination.

30 executions in Cancun during January 2018, amid rising cartel violence: Breitbart

exas based news website Breitbart says violence at various businesses in Cancun, Quintana Roo has not slowed with at least 30 cartel-linked executions taking place in January.

Folks, the Violence surrounding Cancun has NEVER left. It is still there and the more Favors you can Offer them, the more they want you to come a do them a little favor…or come get more of their Money. Fools are born all the time.

And usually the Loudest Squalkers are the easiest to Corrupt Because they think themselves unable to get Caught.